Sunday 8 April 2012

An Amazing Fleet! Arrrrrrr!

After my post about using ships in Legends of the High Seas, HERE, I wanted to finish building my first ship.
The main parts were fine but I wanted to do abit of research on the mast and sail.

Then I came across the picture above on the Fist Full of Seamen blog and his pictures of his entire fleet.
Wow! Arrrrrrr mazing! Stunning!

Follow the links to see the other pics of the fleet and an great looking event called '15 Minis on a Lead Mans Chest' that contains some of the best pirate scenery I have ever seen!

What the hell, here's more ships!

Cap'n Hendyabadger be settin' sail


  1. Yeah, very nice. Fist Full of Seamen is a great blog.

    1. Only recently found it but love it already.
      Are thereany other piratey blog out there I should know of?


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