Monday 30 April 2012

This week I has mostly been ......... making stuff!

As the title says, I have been on a bit of a building binge recently.
Lots of Supremes and Monsters for Pulp City
Monster (above) are from a range of places including Heroclix. Still 6 more (at least) to add to the collection yet. I LOVE big minis!
Giant Hadron on 80mm base and Libra on 30mm base at the front for scale

An evening of playing with files and glue!
All based on Post Apoc toppers from Fenris Games

A little conversion. I wanted Silveragers robo arms under his  own instead of over to make him look a little different. Doc Ock and Iron spider have both been mentioned as colour schemes.

Another little addition is the extra branches on Father Oak. Gives him more of a 'living tree' look

Not much more to say about them to be honest. Just a quick update on what I have been doing.

If your a Pulp City fan and serious collector, you may want to check out this blog tomorrow though

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaay!

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