Tuesday 1 May 2012

Want your own Pulp City Hendybadger? You MAY get one! (Comp)

As many of you know, my amazing and wonderful wife commissioned an amazing and wonderful present from the amazing and wonderful Pulp City team for my birthday.
My very own Hendybadger!
This included the artwork (above), rules card and mini (below)

Since then, many people have asked if the Hendybadger will ever be for sale, or if there was any way to get a copy for themselves.

9 casts were made of this minis. 6 for the creators (Col, Maciej, Leon, Devon, Melvin and Jarek), 2 for myself and 1 left! That makes it currently the rarest (not official) Pulp City Supreme there is.

I want to give my loyal readers and followers a chance to own the last one.
With the mini, rules and artwork done there is only 1 thing missing.

So that's what I want.
To try and win the Hendybadger I want you to write his (almost) official fluff / background.
Who is he?
Where is he from?
What is he doing in Pulp City?
Who is he involved with? etc

Starting today (May 1st) you have 1 month (May 31st) to write up some background and post it, or a link on this blog.
Or you could send it to me using the 'Email Hendybadger' link on the right>>>>>>>

3 others (when I convince them) and myself will then read through the entries and the winner will be posted on this site permanently on the Hendybadgers own page.
The winner will then receive the model to add to their PC collection!

How about it then?
Fancy giving it a go?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Brilliant! If you want judging help, let me know...

    1. You know where it says (when I convince them)?
      You were going to get a message!

      Thanks for offering to help!

    2. It will be a pleasure. :)

  2. Sounds great. Were all those people you mentioned above actual creators?

    1. As far as I was told, Col commisioned it, Maciej organised and helped with the rules, Jarek Sculpted, Melvin drew the artwork and Leon and Devon created the rules card.


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