Monday 28 May 2012

Looking for 'Super' Blogs!

After a long looooooooooooooong time I have finally found my calling.
Super Hero tabletop games! LOVE them! (as if regular readers didn't know that already)

I have found quite afew 'Supers' blog out there which can be found in the Blogroll>>>>>
But I want to find more!

Do you know of any Blogs that have 'Super' gaming content?
Pulp City, Super System, BASH, Heroclix, RPGs or anything else.
Please post any you know of in the comments section below

Hendybagder awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. We worked on a skirmish game for action figures on my blog. We used the Marvel Super Heroes RPG from the '80s as the base, so it would perfectly accept action figures featuring super heroes, :)

    1. Thanks Narceron. I will have a good look.
      Added to the blogroll aswell.

  2. I do some Weird WWII/Golden Age supers games over at my blog. Got several battle reports and WWII-era sups house rules you might enjoy too. Just swing by and look at my battle reports and Battleground Weird WWII rules for a ton of wartime super stuff. Below is a couple superhero games you might dig.


    Weird WWII

    1. Awesome reports. Really impressive.

      I have also added your site to the blogroll


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