Wednesday 9 May 2012

Judge Dredd by Mongoose Publishing. A new minis game for ToaTS?

Last weekend at the Legionary con I picked up some ape minis for my Pulp City ARC team.
Then I started to look over the other minis on the Mongoose Publishing stand.
All sorts of weird and wonderful things inc Judge Dredd himself! Great sculpts as well.
I was never really into Dredd when I was younger, but for some reason these minis really grabbed my interest.

A couple of the other members of our gaming club also picked up some of the minis and then PJ from Shades of Chaos told  me about the free rulebook for the Judge Dredd game. Found >>HERE<<
Had to download that one!

After a good read through, we decided to give it a try at our local club tomorrow night. I will report back on how that goes.
The rules seem quick and easy but also a lot of fun. Plus there is a very nice campaign system which is always a draw for me.

How about a look at the sort of things included in the range? (click any pics to view larger)
First of all there is Dredd and the other Judges. Including some in HUGE armour.

And then there is the well know Angel Gang with the awesome Mean Machine!

The Ape Gang that I have started with. How can you say no to a gorilla with a shotgun in a dress?

Other playable gangs and citizens of Mega City One range from Sky Surfers to Lone Vigilante Super Heros and stampeding Fatties to Renegade Robots

There are many others that live in the city or outside of the walls. Mutants, criminals in Bat suits, Zombie necromancers and the Klegg

As I said, I started with the apes. But...........
I decided to pick up another couple of minis giving me the choice to use Super Heros or Zombies instead.
The Sky Surfers, Judge and Robots are calling to me as well.

If you like the look of all these minis then check out the Judge Dredd Page on Mongoose Publishing and keep an eye out on this blog to see how we get on.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Looking forward to the game tomorrow....may of not read the rules yet....but I'm sure its gonna be fun.

  2. I have read through the core rules and will give them another look tomorrow afternoon.
    There is a good 'starter' scenario to help out aswell we could try

  3. Hold your ground, Hendy! Don't be swayed by 'another' game! lol


  4. As Shades of Chaos said.. looking forward to your reaction to the Judge Dredd game.. will keep an eye out for your review/bat reps..

    1. Will try and take afew pics of the first games tonight and should be on here in the next couple of days


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