Monday 7 May 2012

Legionary 2012 is over! - Reports and Demos

Hi again readers,
After a busy few days I'm back on the blog.

Legionary is over again for another year. But it was a great day!
I know I said I was going to give a full report, but our demo table had people around for most of the day and I didn't really get to see very much of the rest of the show.
(Click any pics for larger views)

Lets start off with a couple of shots of the hall it was held in.

Compared to Legionary 2011 I think there were a lot more traders, games and even larger tournaments in the middle.

And what did we put on? (As if you didn't know already) Pulp City!
Some shots of our boards. With new and improved 'Comic Noises' and Steve's lovely pink tape measure!

I had been painting like mad for the last few days to get a fair few Supremes up to demo standard. (Although my painting is very basic at the moment)
These were set out ready for players to pick 5 Levels and try them out.

On the other side of the table was a selection of painted and non painted Supremes to show off the minis in the range.

There was even a sneaky bit of advertising for Fenris Games Bases and Sarissa Precision Buildings

As I mentioned above, we were quite busy throughout the day. LOTS of interest in the game and even 3 Bookings for demo days/nights at other gaming clubs. (More on that soon)
The guys from TAGS seemed to enjoy themselves.

So did a couple of young lads that tried as many different combinations of Supremes as they could until they had to leave.

Steve and myself did find half an hour to have a quick game between ourselves though.
Very close Lvl5 game where I only just pulled ahead with Loup Garou being the only survivor.

All in all the demo table was a great success. The show itself seemed to be a great success as well but as I mentioned, I didn't get to see much of it. Had fun though.

At event like these, no matter what your doing, you still need to find time to fit in a little bit of shopping. Whats a gaming show without new shineys?
I found a lovely range of models at the Mongoose Publishing stand from their Judge Dredd game.

The first box to catch my eye was the Ape Gang. They will fit perfectly as ARC BOOM Minions in Pulp City. Couldn't resist picking them up.

How can you say no to a Gorilla with a pin strip suit, cigar and Tommy gun and a Gorilla with a shotgun in a dress?

Looking at the rest of their minis there are some stunning pieces. Several that will work in Pulp that I will be picking up in the future.
A couple of the other from the club also picked up some of the Judge Dredd minis and then when I got home I downloaded the free PDF rules. >HERE<
Will Judge Dredd be a game game for ToaTS? (Its looking that way. I want 4 other gangs already and most minis from JD and PC can be used in both games)

Another couple of goodies I picked up were from Warmills Street Wars Range. A stunning rage of laser cut scenery.
It was a pair of small Warp Gates but I'm afraid I don't have a picture of those yet as they were a pre-release for the show.
Instead, here is one of their stunning Utility Pods

That was my Legionary 2012!

Does anyone know of any other shows in the South / South West UK apart from PAW and Legionary?

Before I go, don't forget about the 'Win Hendybadger' competition that's now been running for a week.
You can check it out >>HERE<<
Hendybadger Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Looks like a good show so it does. And I must get some of those Warmill ones. I bought some of the Sarissa ones at Salute, and I think they'll go well together.

    1. It is a good one.
      The Warmill stuff was amazing! Lots of goodies coming onto thier site soon


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