Friday 23 March 2012

The Buildings, The Boat, The Baron and The Badger

So I have finally hit the grand old age of 28. And on the the same day the blog hits 70,000 views. How great is that?
Thanks to all viewers, readers, followers and random clickers.

Now, to the point of the post.
Great hobby prezzies from the most awesome family in the Mulit-Verse!
I have a feeling they know I love Pirates, Supers, Legends of the High Seas and Pulp City
(click pics to view larger)

From my in-laws, The start of my planned Pirate Port from Legends of the High Seas. Buildings from Games of War

 More pirate goodness from my own parents. The 10 gun British Brig from Laser Dream Works
19" deck and a full 30" long when rigged. The new flagship of my fleet.

Then there was my amazing wifey. Mrs Badger.
She has been very secretive for a while and today I found out why.
My biggest Pulp City Grail. The rarest of PC minis in existence.
I have no idea how she found one. And no matter what I do she wont tell me. I'm just happy she did.

Mrs Badger didn't stop there though.
Knowing I am a huge fan on Pulp City, she had the owner (Maciej) help her arrange something special.
A real PC Hendybadger. Drawn by Melvin de Voor
Then she went another step further. Leon Mallet and Devon Peterson from the PC Game Design Team created a rules card for Hendybadger.

Just need to find or create a Pirate Badger mini to use now.
Actually, she had that organised as well.
Sculpted by Jarek Smolka, the Hendybadger himself!

It doesn't get much better than being put into your favourite game!

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of my family for today. And especially to my wife for such an amazing, once in a lifetime gift.
I also want to that the Pulp City team including James, Melvin, Leon, Devon and Maciej for creating the most amazing Supreme ever!

But it might not be only me getting a gift today.
If the blog hits 100 followers, I will be giving away a brand new Green Serpent Ninja miniature!
(only 8 followers to go!)

To finish off, a 'little' something special. Maciej posted a picture in the Citizens of Pulp City Facebook fan group showing a brand new Grimm!
Supreme Grimm!

As it says in the badgers rules,
Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You be loved, Sir! Happy B-Day!

  2. Happy b'day! Sounds like Mrs Badger is definitely a keeper, going to all that effort for your pressies :)

    1. Oh indeed she is.
      (And Im too scared of her to say otherwise :) )

  3. Wow, those are some great presents. You're a very lucky guy. That Hendybadger sculpt is too cool! Happy Birthday!

  4. Congratulations to you. Your miniature representation is a lovely model.

  5. Will it be being released as a generally available piece or was this a one-off? I wouldn't mind a hendybadger in my collection :-)

    1. I dont think it will be released but you never know.
      Currently there are only going to be a couple of copies of it.


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