Wednesday 15 August 2012

Pulp City News + 3 days Left to WIN Some

Why the Tick?
Why not?
On abit of a Tick binge at the moment.

There has been all sorts of news about Pulp City recently.

First up is this teaser pic posted on the Pulp City Facebook Page

Looks like the Covens Dead Guard to me.
Check out the artwork posted a while back

This was also posted at the same time.

"A little sneak peak at what's coming this week. The new Pulp Monsters website will be up if server gods and one particular server guy helps us with it. There will be an update on what's going on and a LOT of long due fluff."

The new Pulp City website is almost here. Yay!
And its going to include LOADS of new background fluff for the Supremes. Not only will that be posted from day one, MORE fluff will be added on a weekly basis!
You can find the currently posted background >>HERE<<

MONSTERS are very close as well.
Quoted from Beermonkey on the Pulp City Forums -

"I've spent damn near the last 10 hours working on getting this thing done. I'm talking layout, (it won't be great I'm no layout artist) adding in some things that we were originally going to be left out: New Resources, Traps, Plot Updates, and more work on fluff. "

New rules to use HUGE 80mm based Monsters in your city. Monster v Monster? Monster v Supremes? Up to you?
Not only will there be some preset rules for the official Pulp City Monster kit (above) and others, there will be rules to create ANY type of Beast, Elder or Robot you can imagine!
To top it off it will also contain new artwork, new Plots (scenarios), new Resources and even MORE fluff!
I cant wait to get my hands on these.
In preparation In a building a range of Monsters.

Sentinels Mk 1,2 and 5
UFO - Ulther Invader or Necroplane Harvest Ship
Steampunk Robo Dragon - Byte Dragon
Giant Dino (Neil
The Old One, Chtulhu
Giant Ape - King Kong or Ging Gong
Colossus of Bronze - Jason and the Argonauts

Pictures of all those as they are done.

For more Pulp City news, why not check out the Citizens of Pulp City Facebook Group

Don't have any Pulp City yet?
Want some?
Or some Chronoscope Heroes and Villains instead?
Well you have 3 days left to enter the 'Create a Super/Supreme' contest on this blog at the moment and win a set of 12 or 13 Super Minis! Worth up to £70
Full details >>HERE<<

That's all for today citizens.
Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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