Sunday 26 August 2012

'Create a Super' Winners are.......

The votes are in!

After a huge battle that lasted for hours, the dust settled and 2 Supers were left standing.
1 Hero and 1 Villain. Facing off across the rubble.

Who were they?

(Wasn't listed as H or V so has taken the Villains side)

Codename: Terminal Velocity
Real Name: Alexander Vizcezk

Quote: “This will be over quickly.”

Powers: Terminal Velocity has the ability to control velocity. He can either enhance or decrease the motive force of a body, even going so far as to reverse the velocity back along its vector. While conscious, Terminal Velocity continually emits an ongoing field, centimeters above his own skin.

In practical terms, he is surrounded by a continual force field that blunts the incoming force of all attacks, but energy attacks still hurt him to a much greater degree than physical ones.

He carries a supply of thrown weaponry at all times, even if it is something as simple as a few ball bearings. Accelerated to over twice the speed of sound, they are as damaging as a high caliber gunshot. For less lethal purposes, he also generally has a few bean bags on him that can stun without inflicting too much trauma.

In hand to hand combat, he is a devastating force to be reckoned with, but his great power is offset by his relative lack of skill.

He has also been seen to use his power to enhance his own movement speed, causing him to “walk” at high subsonic speeds. Theoretically, he should be able to redirect his velocity and fly, but at present, he is limited to "slow falls", or negating his velocity to the point that he can fall any distance without harm.

Background: “Look mommy, look!” Alex cried as he added another bowling pin into the pattern he had whizzing in front of his amazed mother. “I’m up to 4 pins now!”

Youthfully juggling his little heart out, Alex was pretty sure this was the best birthday ever! He had just gotten to 4 pins, he was now TEN years old, not a little kid anymore, and his dad would be coming home any second from the science place to give him a special present. He’d told Alex it was going to change everything! The pins whirled in front of him, seeming to speed up as they went. It got harder and harder to keep them going. They just kept getting faster. And faster. And faster. Blood began to fall from his hands as the pins struck with crushing force, but they kept dancing back into the air. He heard his mother crying his name in fear as the door opened and his dad said “Where’s the birthday boy?”

And the pins exploded into motion.

Alex woke screaming.

The same dream again, his damned tenth birthday. It didn’t matter how many times he tried to console himself, or how many times his father tried to convince him otherwise, that was the day he’d killed his mother. Even now the after image of the dreams tried to creep back to the fore as he saw the pins accelerate away from his battered hands like cannonballs. Two went through the door, one of which shattered his dad’s right arm. One went through the floor, fast enough to penetrate through the basement, and two feet into the foundation. The last one…

Alex shook his head again to clear the dream. He reached out and grabbed his cellphone off of the nightstand, flicking it on to see the time; three in the morning. Sleep was out of the question, so it was time to see if some of the criminal element wanted to pay the price for Alex’s nightmares.

Description: Alexander is about 6’ 1” with dark brown, close cropped hair and pale blue-grey eyes. His build is athletic, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

His common costume is a combat harness on top of a grey, tough, fitted jumpsuit. In addition to the pouches on the harness, he adds a utility belt and a short waist length black leather jacket. The jumpsuit leads to a cowl that covers most of his face, excepting his mouth, eyes, and hair.

To further conceal his identity, Alexander will often wear a shoulder length blond wig.

And his Heroic opponent?

Name: Farraday Kage
Hero (reluctant)

Though his origin stems from science, F.K. (as his friends call him) would more likely say it was "nominative determinism."

When he was a child, his parents always attributed malfunctions of electronic devices to unseen "gremlins" roaming the house. The truth soon became apparent, that their son's touch somehow interfered with anything electronic operating properly.

As he grew up, the radius of his influence to cancel out parts of the electromagentic spectrum extended. As a teen, no one within 10 feet of him could expect to receive cell phone calls or access WiFi on their computers.

It was at 22 that the real strength of his power became apparent when, during a storm, F.K. was struck by lighting -- or rather he would've been, if the bolt hadn't dissipated in a dome-like pattern around the young man. Excited, F.K. ran to his family's shed, grabbed an old golf club and climbed a nearby trailer. When another electrical bolt flew down toward him, F.K. flung out his arms and was able to redirect the blast to the posts of his mother's laundry lines.

Since then, F.K. has learned to pull electric current from nearby lines and direct it in powerful bolts/blasts. He has also learned to extend his immunity to electrical blasts to others, expanding the radius of his own field briefly to encompass them. His innate interference with the EM spectrum also prevents many types of communication, which has played havoc with the few enemy teams F.K. has come up against.

Now in his late 20s, F.K. works with a local group of heroes because he's hooked on finding a constructive use for this aspect of his life that he always thought made him a freak. Additionally, some of the more experienced team members are helping him discover new applications for his talents.

After a battle of powers, Terminal Velocity seemed to have the upper hand. Putting Farraday Kage to the floor again and again with his trademark ball bearings.
Looking into the rubble around him, Faraday spotted some exposed wires. Drawing on the power of the still live cables, Farraday directed all the energy towards the metal ball bearings in the pouches of Velocity's suit.
As the energy flowed, Velocity fell.
Farraday was a lucky man. One more hit and it would have been him lying on the ground that day.

Second place of 12 Reaper Chronoscope models goes to-
proditor - Terminal Velocity

 Top prize of 2 Pulp City starter sets goes to-
Christopher Sheets - Farraday Kage

The winners have 2 weeks from today to contact me using the 'Email Hendybadger' link on the right at the top>>>> 

Congratulations to the winners and a massive thankyou to all who entered. Some amazing entries that were well thought up and written.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Great job, Hendybadger! Well done to the worthy winners. Looks like I'll have to buy my own Chronoscope minis after all...

    1. They still need to be claimed yet!

    2. The Super Villian winner can skip theirs. Hehehhehe

  2. Congratulations to the winners! And kudos to the Hendybadger for running the contest. :)

  3. Congrats to the winners! Sad Larceny didn't win.

  4. Replies
    1. So many good ones to choose from though

    2. Yea, there was several excellent entries!

  5. Thanks for running the contest! I'm pretty surprised to end up where I did, so I'd really like to thank folks for the votes, and of course, the academy of motion pictures. Wait...strike that last bit.

    1. And allow me to add, that this was a spectacular event! Seriously, when I saw the quality of entries, I figured I was in for some writing practice and not much else.

    2. Yours was a great character. Really well written and thought out.

      Congrats on the Chronoscope!

    3. Thanks! He's been kicking around in my head for years actually. This is the first time I really tried to get him down on paper as it were.

    4. It might be worth writing down any more ideas you have aswell then!


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