Saturday 5 November 2011

The Projects (Where they are and where they are going)

With lots of news, previews, reviews and even the Exclusive on the Sarissa Precisions Warehouse on this blog I thought I would post up a rundown of the gaming based projects I'm currently working on.
So here they are! With their current standings and whats coming next in each.

Mercenary Talion Charter Pirates

Current State - So far I have around 120pts of Talion Pirates built so far. And they are in the early stages of painting. Lots of base coats down.

Next - With the new plastic kit coming in Jan I will be adding 2 Rovers, Rociante, converting 3 Mules and a couple of other Jacks, filling out the PG units and adding more Sea Dogs. Then attempting to finish painting all of it!

After That? - Cryx Undead Pirates!

Minions Blindwater Congregation Gators

Current State - Just under 100 pts. Bog Trogs to build along with a 3rd Gator Posse and a couple of Snappers. Based on deep resin bases, not undercoated.

Next - The wonderful Swapm Horrors and Bone Swarms will be added as soon as released. All bases are going to be water effect swamps. More Painting. Looking forward to seeing whats in Domination in afew days for the Gators. Whatever it is, I know Im going to want it.

After That? - Re starting my Farrow. But as a different species!

Supremes + Minions

Current State - About 25 Supremes made. Necroplane, Heavy Metal and assorted. Mostly undercoated. Painting next.
Quite afew Minons made inc robots, zombies , SG1 Jaffa and strange things. Also need painting. (Can you see a pattern here?)

Next - The new wave of Supremes when they appear. More random Minions from all over the net. PAINTING!

After That? - More Supremes and Minions? MONSTERS!!!!!

Pulp City Table

Current State - About 1/3rd of the way made. Including lots of city buildings and useable scnenery. Aswell as

Next - Adding lots more to make a full city centre 4"x4" board. With industrial section, canal, staues, fountain and more.

After That? - Maybe a city park? Or the New Port docks? Or the Heavy Metal tower?

Neverborn - The Dreamer

Current State - A 35SS crew made. Not played yet.

Next - You guessed it, Painting! Pick up the new Twisting Fates book, add more Nightmares. Learn to play!

After That? - Who knows? Been looking at Collodi, Arcanists and Ressers. Want to do an 'Old West' style board with the Sarissa buildings.

These are listed together because they are using the same models.
Pirates + Undead

Current State - 2 Pirate Crews made and 1 Undead made.
Next - Im going to need more paints! SHIPS! 3 of them atleast. 1 for each size. Tempted at a second of each in an Undead style. Play the games!

After That? - No idea yet. Will see how the game goes at the local club.

After all that I can come to 2 conclusions.
1- Im going to need to win the lotto
2- Looks like Im painitng for a while.

I know you may think this is abit much to take on but our first child is due very soon so we will be at home alot more. And its not all happening in the next few weeks. This is a long term plan!

So, what are your projects?
What do you think of the above ones?
Hendybadger out (getting the brushes out)


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