Wednesday 16 November 2011

Hordes Domination Out TODAY!!!!

Look what turned up today! Hordes: Domination!
Such a great book. Loads of stunning new models, great artwork, indepth fluff and fun rules all inside.
Head off to your local store, check the post, order online. Just do whatever you can to get your hands on it!

After a good read through Im looking forward to getting my hands on ALL the new Minions. Especially the Swamp Horror, Bone Swarm and Witch Doctor. Maelok is going to be so much more fun and tricky now.
Im also looking at small forces for Legion and Circle after reading thier entries aswell.

What are you looking forward to the most?

But whats this? Something else in the same package. Something shiny!
My Press Gang 'Badge of service' or coin as most would call it.

VERY cool. Being abit of a Pirate freak I like it abit more than I should!
Love the fact it has Bartolos cutlass 'Red Tide' on it aswell.

Im off to read the Domination main story.
Hendybadger out


  1. Great to see your efforts rewarded. :)

  2. As a PG you cant win any prizes in events you run so I finally have a coin like most of the other players now!
    Its a VERY generous gift from PP for all the PGs out there. And I have to say a huge thankyou to all at PP HQ.

    As for Domination, its such a good book. And I want so many things!


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