Thursday 24 November 2011

New Pulp City Supreme Ninjaness - The Green Serpent + Next Release Wave

(Ok this post os now a little confusing. Insread of lots of little posts I have updated this over the last couple of days with all the new info)

At the weekend Pulp City posted up the preview pics of a new Supreme on thier Facebook Page
Seen above and below is the new Villain the Green Serpent.
(Click images for larger shots)

Not much is known about the Green Serpent yet. Apart from-
She is a Level 2 Villain
She has involvement with Little Asia and the Jade Clan 
Is daughter of the Green Emperor

If you take a look at the Green Serpents concept artwork posted a while ago you will see that me model stays AMAZINGLY close to the original drawing.

This box set will be part of now 2 waves of releases in 1.
4 boxes, 9 models. And the post on Facebook mentioned it will be by Xmas. Yay!
The others we already know of in the release are Crimson Oni, Foxxy Blade, Doom Train and Night Fright, Shadow Mask, Jade Clan Assassins and Tanuki


Pulp City has just posted up this teaser for the Green Serpents box partners. The Jade Clan Assassins
"We got a request for a Thanksgiving preview. What's better than a ninja sneak-peak? The modular ninjas will accompany Green Serpent."

And another Newsflash today from the Pulp City Facebook page
 I plan to take all the pictures on Monday (we just got these and Shadow Mask from the painter) along with Tanuki.

Chornins life long enemy, the Shadow Mask is here! A LVL1 Villain. Along with someone new aswell

Shadow Mask will be paired up with Tanuki. The only model we havent seen from the wave so far.

Almost has a Wolverine look about him with those claws. Thats my paint scheme already sorted!

Check out the Heros + Villains section of the main Pulp City site and the  for more on the background stories.


Being a super hero fan all my life and a mini games lover for years, Pulp City is the perfect combination of the 2 for me!
And if you like MARVEL or DC then I suggest you take a look aswell. You wont be disapointed.

Next up for my own Pulp work? Well.....
The Lesser of Two Evils Battle Report story will be continued. Can Sanguine and Seabolt keep the 'Heart' safe for long enough to harness its power?

More Supreme painting. (Got about 30 to do)

Until then
Hendybadger out

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