Sunday 6 November 2011

Always love your wife.......

Because your wife is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
I know thats a given from all married men out there. I love my wife more than anything and she is very soon to give birth to our 1st child. Which Im over the moon about and really looking forward to.

A wife thats also a gamer adds a whole new level!
Not only does she join you in games, play against you, play at your local club (even wins events), goes to stores, cons and other events with you, she gives you amazing game related prezzies!

Take a look at all the Pulp City pictures in this post.
These models (the unmade and unpainted versions) were all given to me by my wife yesterday!!!!
Was it on a condition? Yes it was.
The condition I make her a hot choc and buy her a bottle of wine after she gives birth.
Im good with that! I can do that!

So, once again. Love you wife. She is awesome!
And if she is also a gamer or puts up with your own gaming make sure you give a little extra aswell.


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