Friday 4 November 2011

Hordes Minions Swamp Horror, Bone Swarm + Circle Winter Argus inc Rules Spotted at WMW

ITS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
And its stunning aswell.
Below are more pics of the Swamp Horror, some Bone Swarms, the Circle Winter Argus and the cards for each. (Click pictures to see them larger)

These pics are from Warmachine Weekend. You can follow them on twitter @WMWeekend or find them on Facebook.
And This Thread on the Privateer Press forums has more info aswell.

WOW! Just WOW!
As you may know already Im abit of a Gator fan and I have been waiting to see the Swamp Horror model after seeing the amazing artwork posted on the Privateer Insider a while back.
And the rules are great! Im getting atleast 2 of these beasts!
Then theres the Bone Swarm rules. Another great addition!

I dont know too much about Circle, but the Argus looks good to me aswell.

All in Hordes: Domination. Due out Nov 16th. And yes, I have pre ordered.

So, what do you think of the new Beasts?

Hendybadger out


  1. awesome abilities too......stop making me want

  2. You know you want to Darth.
    You must have that 'Dark Side' urge!

  3. Well.....Maelok is on the way.....I'll haveta grab the minion book and then........

  4. And Hordes: Domination.

    The Minion book is awesome. My favourite of the lot!

  5. dammit.......on the plus side gators can work with both my legion and trolls.......

  6. After you play Gators you wont want to use them in another army. The synergy in Blindwater is so much fun

  7. but i love my draconic army of mega uber killyness.......:)

  8. But............ Giant wrestling Gators and evil Squids!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. shhhhh.....although i prefer the cantankerous old turtle spitting corrosive phlegm.......

  10. How did I forget about 'old man' turtle?
    They are so much fun v infantry

    I dont think there is a single Blindwater mini I dont like!


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