Tuesday 8 November 2011

More Hordes Domination Previews For ALL Factions + New Cryx Desecrator Helljack Sighted

Loads of new preveiws have appeared over the internet over the last few days. (Aswell as the whole book being leaked) As a PG Im afraid you wont see any of the rules here that PP havent given permission to post online though. But hey, the book is out in only 8 days!!!
Time for some stunning pictures. (Click to see larger images)

Most of these pics are from Lost Hemisphere where they have posted a really nice Domination Book Preview

Circle Orboros - Gallows Grove

I love this model and think it will fit in really well with the other tree based models like Wurmwood and the Mannikins

Minions - Farrow Road Hog

WOW! Just wow! I love the artwork for this Beast. When I finally get to restart my 'different species' Farrow I will be adding atleast 2 of these.

Trollbloods - Rok - Character Dire Troll
Skorne - Tiberion Character Titan + Venator Slingers

Personally I'm not a Skorne fan so cant really comment on the new pics for them because I dont know much about the force.
But ROK is stunning. Really looking forward to seeing the model for him.

Legion of Everblight - Proteus - Character Heavy Warbeast
(Really sorry but I don't remember where this pic came from)

That's one creepy looking Beast. And it seems to be based off of the Carnivean body again.
VERY impressed by it. And another model I'm looking forward to seeing.
Maybe a metal upgrade kit for a future plastic multi-beast box?

So what do you think of all these new things coming in HORDES: Domination?
I'm actually quite excited to get my hands on the book for the fluff and artwork. So many new models I want to know about.

Next up are a couple of pics sent to me from my friend Darth Tater over at the Mashed Up Potato Blog

New Cryx Desecrator Helljack Model

A stunning Jack. And another Cryx Crab-Jack which are my favourite of the lot. You can see the rules for this evil machine in Warmachine: Wrath.
Is it plastic?
Will it be part of a multi-jack kit?

What do you think?

That's all for today.
I'm sure there will be a lot more to show soon as all these previews are pouring out.

Hendybadger out


  1. I really like the Gallows Grave and the Cryx warjack. WM/Hordes does still keep calling to me...

  2. Have you looked into it much?
    If you have any questions, feel fre to chuck them my way

  3. do it Leon.....come over to the darkside.......


    actually it's quite light and good over here :)

  4. "Is it plastic?
    Will it be part of a multi-jack kit?"

    There's no justice if it isn't. The crabjacks and Stalker are the things in most dire need of a lightweight, precisely-cast kit...

  5. If it is a plastic kit I really hope a Skarre character Jack uprage kit follows

  6. Plastics are what could swing me to the 2 PP games.

    And Simon - I suspect that next year I will be delving in!

  7. Each of the main Warmachine Factions has plastic Jacks already.
    But Im odd and prefer to work in metal.

    Knew you couldnt resist for long Leon


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