Monday 21 November 2011

Press Gang UA or Exclusive Supreme Minion? Hmmmm

A couple of days ago we reiceved an amazing mini. The best one I have ever seen.
I cant decide if he is going to be a Press Gang UA or a Supremes Exclusive Minion though.
Well, hes both!

The reason my painting, gaming and blogging has been abit quiet recently.

I give you.............

James Leo Henderson

Born on Friday morning and he was home with mummy Saturday eve. SOOOOOOOO proud and pleased.
Just wanted to share the love.

But what about gaming? Easy!
James is going to be collecting (through his daddy) Hordes Gators, Pulp City ARC and Relics Britanans. To start with anyway!

Hendybadger out for cuddles


  1. He is never going to fit on a 30mm base, you know...

    Congratulations to you guys. That is your hobby money gone, you do accept that right...? :)

  2. Might have to be an 80mm.

    Gone? No chance. Giving up everything else instead

  3. He'll make a cracking Battle Engine!

    Seriously though - congrats!

  4. I have been wanting a Minion Battle Engine!

    Thanks for the congrats


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