Monday, 17 October 2011

Exclusive - Sarissa Precision New 28mm CityBlock Warehouse

The guys over at Sarissa Precision have given me the great opportunity to post an exclusive first look at their newest and largest product. The....

New 28mm CityBlock Warehouse

(Thats a 30mm base mini to show the scale)

I already have the rest of the CityBlock range as you may have seen in earlier posts and love them. The best scenery I have ever owned.
So when Sarissa Precision gave me the chance to get my hands on the new Warehouse early I jumped at the chance!

Lets start off with a look at what you get in the kit. (Again with 30mm mini for scale)

Its alot of parts compared to the standard CityBlock buildings, but theres so much more detail on this one.
The brickwork and windows are the same high quality as the others but this one has more steps, stairs and new additions like a loading bay, loading doors and internal office floors with supports.

The instructions that come with the kit are very easy to follow and walk you through it section by section with pictures which is a great help. After some sticking and building this afternoon I have finished up with this...

As well as four loose wooden crates (which will be perfect to throw about in Pulp City) the rear doors have stands on the back so they can be left open or closed.

You may be able to tell for the above picture, the roof is removable.
The other end of the interior shows 2 floors of offices. With the top one being removable.

This is a perfect piece for any game based from 1900 to near future. Especially games like Pulp City. It could even be a Guild Warehouse in Malifaux, an Infinity hideout or a Warmachine Cygnar storage facility.
You can paint these kits and I am going to try with a extra bit that came with one of the other buildings to see what it looks like. (I will post my results up here when I do it)
But I really like to sandstone style look to these buildings as they are. So thats how my modern city is going to stay.
I am working on some more bits for my city at the moment but I will soon show the entire setup with the Warehouse at center stage.

Sarissa Precision should have this kit up on thier site very soon for the great price of £50 with free P+P.
Aswell as the CityBlock range they also do 25mm Old West, Heroic Old West (Perfect for Malifaux), 15mm WW2 and 28mm WW2.
They also do a whole range of tokens and movement trays.
I highly recommend Sarissa. They have been great to deal with and produce some amazing scenery pieces.
Go and check them out. there WILL be something you like.

Thats all from me today.
Off to put the Warehouse into the middle of a game and test it out.

Hendybadger out


  1. Great looking building! I want to get some of the western buildings for Malifaux :)

  2. It does look fantastically detailed. Nice review. :)

  3. A Malifaux town is going to be the next big project after the Pulp city I think.
    Still alot to do on this one yet though.


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