Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pulp City Goodies from Fenris Games

I recently placed an order with Fenris Games for some bases, scenery and cutsom cut pieces.
They have arrived and are already in use / being built but I though I would post them up here to see what you all thought of thier amazing products.

First up is some of thier Urban Concrete Barriers (With Vector for scale)

Not only were these a VERY reasonable price, they were AMAZINGLY detailed. Why the captials? Because they are that good!
7 of them are stright out of the pack. But the one front right has had nothing more than a Badab Black wash.
Looks perfect to me!

Next up is some of Fenris' Post Apocalypse Base Toppers

2 40mms and 1 30mm. Again they have great detail and are a cracking price for what you get. The 40mms come in packs of 8 and the 30mms in pack of 12. All different.
These will be on every Supreme and Minion base in my Pulp City collection.

Now its time for the custom orders.
After seeing the stunning Flight Tokens on the Pulp Citizen Blog (made by Fenris), I asked them to make me some very similar.
30+40mm clear discs with the word 'FLIGHT' engraved on them. Stackable to go under the model and show they are off the ground and what their 'FLIGHT X' is.

They turned out really well. And once again, Fenris were great with thier pricing.
Only used them in one game so far but I know they will be used in every game from now on already.

To finish off is something abit more complicated.
I wanted some Minions to go with Vector. 3 Pixels and 1 Mega Pixel.
There arnt any models for them at the moment. Only the artwork on the cards and the Pulp City Guide.

Fenris can do any laser cut products you can think of. After a chat with them I decided to ask them to do a vector image from the pictures sent to use (because I didnt want to mess it up), with the 3 small ones 15mm high and the large one 45mm wide. All laser cut from styrene.

And heres what arrived a couple of days later. With Vector for scale again and some more of the Post Apoc bases.

I love them. and so do most of the Pulp City forums but the responses I had after posting them up there.
Some are even ordering the same for themselves.
And the cost for the vector drawing, laser cutting and production of all 4? £6! Bargin!

Still not sure what colour to paint them. Vector will be black and green.
Any ideas?

Thats that then.
Im off to carry on the upgrades to my Pulp City city. More buildings, floors, vehicles, other scenery and more.
Info and pics on that coming soon

Watch out for the Badger symbol in the sky.
Hendybadger Awaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!


  1. Great stuff mate! Will post you dice later today! :)

  2. Cheers.
    Im sure they will make an appearence on here aswell!


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