Thursday, 20 October 2011

LOADS of New Warmachine and Hordes Privateer Press Preveiws

The last few days have seen LOADS of new model previews for Warmachine and Hordes on the Privateer Press site.
Lets start of with some lovely new things from the upcoming book, Hordes: Domination (Due out Nov 11th in UK)
To see the original posts for these and their 360 views, click on the model titles.

Minions Blindwater Boneswarm Light Warbeast

The boneswarm is an undulating mass of osseous debris given horrid life and animation by lingering necromantic energies in places where many have died. Gatorman bokors have learned to control these horrors, directing them to envelop foes in a mass of biting, toothy skulls. The bones of its slain victims are incorporated into the boneswarm itself, allowing it to heal damage and grow stronger and more 

OK so this isn't a new model. Its originally from the Iron Kingdoms RPG. But its still a stunning model. And I love the fact the the Blindwater Gators continue to stay a variety of races and creations. Not just Gators.
That is one of the factors that made me choose to play Blindwater in the first place. You can never get bored of building, painting or playing. Theres always something different!
Looking forward to fielding a couple of these with Maelock the Dreadbound in the near future.
(Bring on the Swamp Terror next PP!)

Circle Orboros Warlock - Epic Baldur the Stonesoul

While the last tenuous thread of his life was held fast by Megalith, Baldur’s spirit was subsumed within the entirety of Orboros, and the fundamental principles of the world were made clear to him. He has returned to serve as a conduit for a torrent of destructive power. In the midst of battle Baldur can tap into this endless flow to empower himself beyond his mortal limits, but the longer he fights, the more his body tears itself apart.

I'm not a Circle player myself (yet) but I have always liked the construct and Wold side of the Faction. Baldur is my favourite Primal Warlock and his new Epic version really does the character justice. Big and dangerous with a much stronger 'stone' feel to it. Overall, he is vert impressive.

The guys over at Bell of Lost Souls (Link to the right>>>) have a nice little rules snippet for him aswell.

Devourerʼs Debt - During your Control Phase place 1 Wurm token on this model. For each Wurm token on this model it gains +1 STR. At the end of each of this modelʼs activations it suffers 1 damage point for each Wurm token on it. This damage cannot be transferred

And now its time for the BIG preview. And I mean BIG

Legion of Everlight Battle Engine - Throne of Everblight

That's a 120mm base its on. Its HUGE! And alot more creepy and gribbly than the Dominaton cover artwork. All good in my book!
Looking forward to seeing what this immense beast can do!

Onto abit of metal and steam next

Protectorate of Menoth - Nicia, Tear of Vengeance

The widow of a proud Menite soldier, Nicia hopes only that by the time she meets her own inevitable, bloody death she will have killed enough unbelievers to join her husband at Menoth’s side. This peerless Daughter of the Flame strides through battle with lethal grace and speed, each movement gauged to bring her within striking distance. Even as she cuts through one foe, she fells another with cannon fire, wheeling her blade around for another kill. Few enemies have witnessed Nicia's murderous devotions and lived.

A model both beautiful and deadly looking at the same time. A stunning piece for any Menoth force.

Finally, the first ever plastic Merc minis!

Mercenaries Plastic Multi Heavy Warjack Kit - Rover

Mercenary warjacks are often drawn from discontinued chassis once produced by kingdom armies. The Mule, a former Cygnaran warjack, wields a massive battle mace and an innovative steam-powered cannon packing enough explosive punch to scatter enemies like leaves. The Nomad, once a Cygnaran mainstay, has been battering enemy ’jacks with its battle blade for 150 years. The Rover was built specifically for mercenary use, and its battleaxe and shield-mounted cannon have turned the tide of many a battle. Mercenaries maintain these battle-tested machines and find them fully capable of standing toe-to-toe against any fresh from the assembly line.

This box set contains three color stat cards and one multi-part heavy warjack plastic model (PIP 41085). Included are all the components to assemble one of three heavy warjack variants: Mule, Nomad, or Rover. A player may field any number of these heavy warjacks with a Mercenary warcaster.



Really leased to finaly see a Merc plastic kit. And even more pleased its for the Heavy Warjacks. Going to make my Talion themed Jack conversion alot easier.
This also suggests that Rociante WILL be a metal part conversion kit like the other Wrath Character Jacks.
Again, I cant wait to get my hands on alteast a couple of these.

A whole manner of conversions and bits swaps are in order!

Thats all for now then folks.
(Stop that drooling, it wont do your keyboard any good)

May your random number generator cubes be kind to you.

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