Saturday, 29 October 2011

Recent Pulp City Clash - Necroplane v ARC v Heavy Metal

This week we had a VERY fun Pulp City clash. Abit of a mess around really and teaching a new player at the same time.
It was a Lvl5 Encounter using the Smackdown Plot and no Agendas. (It was a teaching game afterall)

And the teams? ARC (Ape Revolutionary Commity), Necroplane (Other dimension evil) and Heavy Metal (Technology based good guys)

Necroplane (Me, only used 1 of these before)
Supreme Zed - Path + Blessing
Sanguine Night - Draku
Mourn - Soul Trap

ARC (Steve, never used any ARC before)
Dr.Red - Weapon Crate
Silverager - not sure
Le Murtiple - not sure again

Heavy Metal (Liam, never played before)
Iron Train - High Octane + First Aid Kit
Dr.Mercury - Mercurial Matix
Chronin - Spare Parts

So onto the fun bit. The PICTURES. (Painting has nearly begun. Honestly!)

The action kicks off in a cul-de-sac near the industrial secion of Pulp City.
All 3 teams head as fast as they can into the parking lot. With Dr.Red grabbing a weapon crate containign an AK-47. An orangutan with an AK-47! How awesome is that?

Chronin doesnt like the look of the heavily armed orangutan so charges in with several blows and doing a serious bit of damage

She was closly followed by Dr.Mercury who got liquified by ARC. Only for Chronin to re build him just in time for it to happen again.
Silverager took onto the long time dead Supreme Zed but couldnt tear off enough limbs before being taken down himself.
Iron Train thought it was a good idea to lauch a car at Sanguine, Draku and Mourn. But with amazingly quick reactions the vampires ducked out of the way and Mourn flew over the top.
All this time, nobody noticed that there were now three ,yes THREE Le Murtiples running around.

The fight between Dr.Red, 3 Le Murtiples and Chronin soon ended when Supreme Zed came flying out of the sky and landed in the middle of it. Leaving only the lemurs alive.
Elsewhere, Mourn started tearing off pipes and valves from Iron Trains armour.
Iron Train wasnt happy with this so smashed Mourn into the floor in an explosion of souls! As the souls crept into the now open valves they took his own with them.

This didnt leave many Supremes in the area. Only Sanguine (who was too far from the action), Supreme Zed (laying on the floor after hitting it from 50 feet above) and 3 Le Murtiples (piling onto Zed). The lemur copies did thier job very well and finaly put the zombie back where he belongs

The last turn was very close. 1 Le Murtiple and Sanguine left. As the lemur took cover behind the cars the vampire slowly raised from the floor, floated over the vehicles and sunk his teeth into the small mammal. Ending the last turn with no AP left and a VERY lucky dice roll.

We all loved this game. Full of soo much action, several 'comic book' moment and even more comedy ones!
Roll on the next game

Hendybadger Awaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like a fun game was had by all - now get those minis painted! ;)

  2. There is a pile of Supremes and Minions next to me with afew Rank 1 scenery pieces all unmade.
    Once they are made (unless the new Supremes, or my son, arrives soon) the painting will begin!



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