Friday, 10 March 2017

DC Universe gains Supergirl, Aquaman and Catwoman

Knight Models have just posted up the new releases for the DC Universe Minis Game
Catwoman, Aquaman and Supergirl.
Catwoman is alos part of a new Multiverse line which will have rules for the DCU and the Batman minis game.
Check them out below.

There are also a few new tokens. Green Lantern, Yellow Lantern and Superman.

What do you think of the new DCU releases?
Will you be picking any up?

- Hendybadger


  1. I'll probably pick up Catwoman and the new Nightwing for the Batman game.

    The latern corps tokens at have me excited to see future Sinestro/Green corps boxes too, I'd definitely be tempted to get all the ringbearers.

  2. Im confused on the new Knight Models shop site ( it says WonderWoman can move 9 inches and then do her super jump for 21 inches. Yet in the book it says Displace counts as a movement action. you can only take one unless you have agile. WonderWoman doesnt have agile . Is this a mistake on my part reading or did the person talking about 21inch threat range of wonderwoman get it wrong?

    1. Either the KM site got it wrong, or they plan to change the rules to allow it in the future.


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