Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Knight Models Marvel Review - Dr Doom and the Punisher

Today I'm going to take a look at a couple of Knight Models most recent releases for the Marvel 35mm range. Dr.Doom and the Punisher.
While they don't have a game for these models yet, KM are said to be working on a Supers rules set due out in the near future that will let you use your favourite Marvel and high powered DC characters on the tabletop. No reason you couldn't use these in any other Super Hero game until then though.

First up lets take a look at the packaging. Both come in small clamshell blister packs with the parts held in tightly with foam. They also each have a display card that shows a stunning painted example of the mini on one side and the general logo of the Marvel group they are linked to on the other. Fantastic 4 for Doom and the skull for Punisher.

Each model is a highly detailed 35mm scale metal mini that needs assembly and painting. They both also come with a 30mm plastic round edged base.

Dr.Doom a.k.a Victor von Doom is one of the oldest and most well known Marvel villains. Long time enemy of the Fantastic Four, he has also taken on several other characters including the Avengers and X-Men on occasions. Even though Doom is a master of magic and science, he was still beaten by Squirrel Girl once!

The model for Dr.Doom comes in only two parts. Main body and flowing cape. The feet of the main body are on a pile of rubble, but it looks easy enough to remove if you want to base him a different way.
There are small mould lines running round both parts, but nothing that took too much effort. I recommend and set of small diamond flies for jobs like these as they make it easier to get into a couple of the harder mould lines inside to folds of the cape.

The Punisher
The Punisher is also known as Frank Castle. After his family were killed, he decided to become a one man army and take out all crime he could. He has crossed paths with other Heroes like Spiderman and Daredevil but usually likes to work alone. Red Hulk drafted him on to the new 'red' Thunderbolts team, but that isn't going so well.

The Punisher model is in four parts. Body, head, large gun arm and small gun arm.
Each part has a shaped plug that fits into a corresponding hole on the body to give you the pose. I do suggest clipping or filling down these plugs a little as that will give the parts a tighter fit.
There are small mould lines running around each part but they were very easy to get rid of with  small file and a couple of minutes.

Time for glue........
(I didn't notice the backgrounds were the wrong way around until I uploaded the pictures. Sorry)

These models were very easy to put together. But I did shorten all the plugs on parts so that may have had something to do with it. Dooms cape will need holding while it dries to keep it in the right place but when it's done it looks great.
Both Punisher and Dr.Doom have very characterful and imposing poses. The sculpts really grab the feel of each character. I decided to base these on the Post Apoc toppers from Fenris Games to match all of my other Supers minis.

Online you can find these minis for around £12 each. OK, it seems a bit much for a single model but it is a high detailed, large scale, licensed product. Plus it's no more expensive that characters for some of the other well known games on the market.

Overall, I'm impressed with these models. While they aren't a couple of my favourite Marvel characters, they are still nice enough to make me want them anyway.
For the pair I would score them .....

8 out of 10 Badger Points

Cant wait to see what Knight Models do with this range in the future.
If you want to see what others are doing with these models, why no check out the Marvel / Superhero Miniatures + Gaming  Facebook group.

Next up for review, the new Mobsters for the Batman Minis Game.

- Hendybadger

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Knight Models DC / Batman Review - Poison Ivy and Plants Crew

After finally getting in to the Batman Miniatures game by Knight Models, I have decided to review the releases from now on.
First up is the-
Poison Ivy and Plants Crew

Poison Ivy a.k.a Pamela Isley is one of Batman most well known villains. From the Gotham City Sirens comics to the animated series or even the classic Batman + Robin movie, everyone knows about this irresistible, killer plant controlling Femme Fatale.

The start with, lets have a look at the packaging. Ivy and her plants come in a large blister, tightly packed with foam and the smaller parts are in sealed bags. The display card shows a lovely painted example of the models inside. When opened you find....

4 highly detailed 35mm scale minis (Ivy, Plant, Spore and Creeper), 4 30mm round edged bases, 6 acrylic seed tokens and 4 stat cards.

If you have bought any Batman minis in the past you will notice that the Ivy box comes with a new style stat card. Above shows 2 plant cards on the right next to an older card on the left. I haven't had a chance to try a game with these yet but I already think I prefer the look of the new cards.
I wont go in to the exact rules on them for now as I plan to post about the crews rules at a later date. The set totals 129 Reputation / points, no quite enough for a standard small game of 150 Rep so will need another model added to be playable. Maybe Harley or Catwoman?
I do like the fact that the Seed tokens are included as they are needed as a way to deploy the plants.
Time to take a look at the models.

Above we have Ivy herself and the basic Plant. Ivy is a single piece mini that looks stunning. There is a tiny hole in the metal in the middle of her back but that can be easily covered with glue, greenstuff, paint etc. Apart from that she is all but perfect.
The Plant comes in 3 parts and just screams "Feed Me!". The leaves go into holes on each side of the main body but make sure you check the box image to see which to glue on first as they overlap a little. (Its right when looking at it)

As you can see, the mould lines on Ivy are almost invisible. She took almost no work the clean up. The Plant had small lines running around the leaves and up the from of the stem but they were gone with a quick file. One did run through the hole the leaves go in but a small clip off of the plug and it fit fine.

The other two plants are the Spore (left) and they Creeper (right). Both come in two parts. Stem and head. The head parts fit on to the stem without any problem and only a tiny gap that you would expect from any metal model. Mould lines ran around the out edges so were really easy to remove.

Some gluing later.........

The build was simple. Only 4 parts to glue on in the set. A couple of little gaps, but again no different to any other metal model I have ever built (that's 100s). I decided to clip off the base tabs and file the bottoms down to give them some Post Apoc base toppers from Fenris Games. To that I added a couple of different sizes of cork pieces to make it look like the plants were breaking out of the pavement.

As I love the Gotham Sirens, I actually picked up two of these packs for the extra plants. I know Knight Models will probably release more in the future but I couldn't wait. Adding Catwoman and Classic Harley Quinn to this gave me just over 300 Rep for a standard size game.

In most places you can find the Ivy and Plants set for around £25. I know that sounds expensive for 4 models but there are a couple of things to consider.
Adding just one more mini gives you a playable force. It's the same price as units for Warhammer / Warmachine, but you only need the one. The models are a very high detail 35mm scale, larger than most other ranges on that market. All cards and counters are included and finally, this is an official licensed product. That means it will cost a little more anyway.
Taking all of that in to account, I think £25 is pretty good.

Overall, I love this set. Ivy is one of the most stunning models I have ever seen and the plants are packed full of character. My only down side is that fact it isn't quite a playable force on its own. But who wouldn't want the other two Sirens as well?

Final score is ............

8 out of 10 Badger Points

Check out the Knight Models Page for the full range of DC and Marvel minis.

Next up is Dr Doom and the Punisher!

- Hendybadger

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Deadpool, Batgirl and Black Mask Join new Knight Models Marvel + DC Releases

 Knight Models have just posted up the new 35mm Marvel and DC releases. And they are STUNNING!

First up is the one mini I have been waiting for. Not only since I found out about the Marvel range, but for years. DEADPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wade Wislon (not Slade, sore subject) looks fantastic and I can't wait for the Supers rules to be able to get him on the table. But, what colours do I use? Red and back, X-Force, X-Men?

The Batman Minis Game gets a character that people have wanted since day one. Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl. A new Sidekick for Batman and the Law Forces. You can see her full rules under 'Attatchments' HERE (link).
The mini looks to be full of movement and actions. Great pose.

The new crew for the Batman game is Black Mask and his Thugs, Anatoly, Mesh and a general Goon.
I wasn't sure if I wanted this as I have so many crews already, but one look at the models landed it on my shopping list straight away.
All rules can be found under the 'Attatchments' heading HERE (link)

 The final unseen release this month is a set of Joker HAHA! markers. Perfect for use as action or special counters in the game.

These all go along with the previews we have posted over the last week of Venom, Huntress and the Wayne / Queen Containers and Boxes.

Head over and check out the Knight Models Page for prices.

Which is your favorite?

- Hendybadger

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Batman Miniatures Game Scenery Preview - Wayne and Queen Boxes and Containers

Another new (and somewhat unexpected) preview has hit our inbox from the guys at Knight Models.
The start of their Gotham Scenography range of terrain and buildings.

We know the Arkham Asylum building is on the way soon, but the first releases will be these Boxes and Containers.

The packs either contain 2 shipping containers or 4 boxs in 2 different sizes.
Each will also have Wayne Enterprises and Queen Industries cut into the pieces as shown in the images above.

For those that may not know, Wayne Enterprises is Bruce Wayne / Batman's company based in Gotham and Queen Industries is Oliver Queen / Green Arrows company in Star City. (Arrow fans will know it instead as Queen Consolidated in Starling City) Both are involved in a lot of different projects and businesses so seeing these crates in either city is to be expected.
Or, you could always use half of each pack to theme your board depending on if you are using Green Arrow or Batman to lead your crew. With the logos on them they will be a great way to turn any gaming board into a well known DC universe location for your Batman games.

As these are in DMF (I think that's MDF in the UK) they will be very sturdy and solid pieces that once glued will not damage easily and take paint fairly well.
Can't wait to get my hands on some and try them out. I'm already trying to work out how many I want around the board. Only last week I mentioned that I needed more low level terrain.

I don't have any exact info on sizes, pricing or release date at the moment but I will post it up as soon as I find out.

Do you like the look of them?
Will your own city be shipping in goods from Gotham and Star City?

- Hendybadger

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Knight Models Exclusive Preview - Venom!

After our Huntress preview went down so well, the guys at Knight Models have sent us something for the Marvel fans!

Eddie Brock a.k.a Venom.

Long term enemy of Spiderman, Venom is an alien symbiote that first appeared in Secret Wars as a black suit for Spidey. Once Parker managed to get rid of the Venom symbiote it found Eddie Brock and became the monstrous Venom we all know. The mix of Venom's hate for Spiderman and Brock's hate for Peter Parker has made them a very dangerous foe.
Venom was then auctioned off when Brock was dying and found its way into the hands of the former Scorpion  Mac Gargan. (Which is who this sculpt seems to be based on)

In the modern era the Venom symbiote is controlled by 'Flash' Thompson and known as Agent Venom. But, if Flash loses control, this beast can show its ugly face again.

The Venom model doesn't have any game rules at the moment, but the word in the Knight Models based  Facebook Groups Arkham City Limits and Marvel / Superhero Miniatures + Gaming is that they are working on a Supers rules set for the Marvel minis and higher powered DC characters.

Could this be the start of a tabletop symbiote invasion? Are Carnage and Toxin coming in the future?
I hope so!

What are your thoughts on Venom?

- Hendybadger

Friday, 10 October 2014

Knight Models Exclusive Preview - The Huntress!

The awesome guys over at Knight Models have just sent us a fantastic preview for the Batman Miniature Game.

Helena Bertinelli a.k.a The Huntress!
A member of the 'Bat Family' and Birds of Prey in the comics and a student turned bad if you are a fan of Arrow.

They say a picture says a thousand words so lets get right to the model.

She looks dangerous and really looks like she means business. But, what is she like in the game?
Well, we just happen to have her rules as well!

Huntress is a Free Agent for Batman and Green Arrow. You can take 1 Free Agent for each 150 Reputation (points) in your Crew and she already looks like a very good option.
Coming in at only 66 Rep shes a great choice while still leaving room for others.
The $100 funding cost that comes out of your $500 per 150 Rep means a couple less goodies for the goons but she brings a lot for that price.

The Hand Crossbow has you hitting on a 3+ at anywhere up to 40cm range. If that lands, 2 Blood damage can really slow your opponents down and make them consider getting out of her way. It's only got Ammo 2 though so you will want to be picky with your targets.

Rapid Fire gives you a +1 Rate of Fire even when moving so Huntress can get into position and still take down a dangerous target. Combine this with her Acrobat movement bonus (which gives the Dodge Trait vs ranged attacks), Distract taking 1 off off the targets Defence and Stealth meaning she can't be seen in the dark until the opponent is 20cm away and you get a killer assassin that is hard to hit back at a distance.

If they do close in, Huntress isn't helpless. The Bo lets her attack enemies up to 3cm away and reroll her Impact Hits for 1 Stun damage. Martial Artist means Huntress can't be outnumbered in combat and Runaway stops her from getting Arrested.

So, what do you think of Helena a.k.a Huntress? Will she be joining Batman or Green Arrow for you?

- Hendybadger
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