Thursday, 30 October 2014

Themed Crews for Batman

When I started to plan my crews for the Batman Minis Game by Knight Models, I decided to theme them a little bit. It would give a good starting point to work from for each.

In the past I hadn't really read many big DC comics. My Batman and DC experience had been the original 4 movies, a little bit of the Arkham games and more recently the Arrow series and some of the lesser known comics. So, that became the plan!

Instead of building each crew based one one of the movies or such, I have chosen to start with the inspiration and build 2 crews from each. Some models will be repeated and some will cross over, but they are going to turn in to some fantastic games.
For the characters with different versions, I have added which one I will use. The amount of Henchmen will be used to balance the sides.

First up is -

Batman the Movie / Arkham Games
As the Joker is the main villain in both of these, I decided to combine the two. Wanting to use Harley helped with that decision.

Leader: Batman (Arkham)
Henchmen: GCPD Police

Leader: Joker (Arkham)
Sidekick: Harley Quinn (Arkham)
Henchmen: Basic Joker Thugs


Leader: Batman (Arkham)
Henchmen: GCPD Police

Leader: Penguin
Free Agent: Catwoman
Henchmen: Penguin thugs


Leader: Batman (Arkham)
Free Agent: Robin (Arkham)
Henchmen: GCPD Police

Leader: Two Face
Free Agent: Riddler
Henchmen: Two Face thugs

This one takes a few model swaps and tweaking to work.

Leader: Batman (Arkham)
Sidekick: Batgirl
Free Agent: Robin (Arkham rules. Using the Nightwing model as the costume matches the movie)
Henchmen: GCPD Police

Leader: Bane (Arkham)
Free Agent: Mr. Freeze
Free Agent: Poison Ivy (Arkham rules with Bane Affinity, Comic model)
Henchmen: Generic and Bane thugs (Using Penguin Thug models)


Leader / Sidekick: Green Arrow
Sidekick: Black Canary and/or Arsenal (Not out yet. Just guessing)
Free Agent: Huntress
Henchmen: Starling City Police (GCPD models) Officer Ron as Detective Lance, Police with Baton or SWAT member as Diggle.

Leader: Ra's Al Ghul
Free Agent: Deathstroke (Origins)
Free Agent: Deadshot
Henchmen: League of Shadows/Assasins Ninjas. Archer as Nyssa or Merlyn.

I know there are 2 Harleys but, hey!

Leader: Poison Ivy (Comic)
Free Agent: Harley Quinn (Comic with Affinity Ivy)
Free Agent: Catwoman
Henchmen: Ivy's Plants

Leader / Sidekick: Harley Quinn (Arkham)
Free Agent: Deathstroke (Comic)
Free Agent: Deadshot
Henchmen: Generic prisoners (Blackgate Thugs)

You can see all the models HERE and I will update the blog with my progress as I go. Also thinking bout looking at the rules closer on here theme by theme soon.

What do you think of these themes?
Would you change anything?
What other themes would you go for?

- Hendybadger

Monday, 27 October 2014

The Batman Miniatures Game. What is it?

Half of the time I post something online about the Batman game there is a comment along the lines of  "This is a thing? An actual game? Why did I not know about this?"

So, I thought I would put a little post together to explain what the game is and what it's all about.

The Batman Miniatures game is produced by Knight Models. While the company is based in Spain, they supply gaming stores all over the world and produce the rules in several different languages.
You can find the latest update of the English rules HERE.

The game is a small skirmish game based on the low/non super powered side of the DC Universe.
A medium sized game can be played on a 3 foot x 3 foot board with roughly 3-8 models a side. Depending on your model choices obviously.
Instead of the usual 'kill everything' of a lot of games, the Batman game works on scenarios, victory points and objectives. You could lose your main characters and still have a chance of winning which is a great thing as you can keep pushing until the very end.
I'm going to have a deeper look at these rules on here at a later date.

Each player gets a crew or gang. At the moment there are several main characters to choose from to start planning your crew around.
The good guys have Batman, Green Arrow and the GCPD.
The villains get Joker, Penguin, Two Face, Bane, Black Mask, Poison Ivy and the League of Shadows.
Once you have your starting point, there are lots of ways to build with a ton of different well known Heroes, Villains and henchmen.
Each crew has 4 types of models starting with ...........

LEADERS. These are the big hitters. From Batman to Bane, Leaders can be anything from skilled tacticians to walking tanks. Each has it's own style of play and helps the rest of their crews in different ways. Apart from the odd exception, you only ever get 1 Leader.
Need some help or want someone else to lead the crew? Try.....

SIDEKICKS. The Sidekick slot is filled with some great characters like the Green Arrow, Nightwing and Harley Quinn. If you take a Leader you can also take 1 Sidekick. OR, you can choose to not take a Leader and have 2 Sidekicks instead.
Not sure if a model is a Leader or Sidekick? You can download the rules card for every model direct from the Knight Models site.
If you want to take even more well known heroes and villains, check out .......

FREE AGENTS. These are the 'other' people roaming the streets of Gotham. Deathstroke, Catwoman, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Huntress and more.
For a game you can usually take 1 Free Agent per gang size level (there are points values to determine these sizes). So 1 in a small game, 2 in a medium and 3 in a large.
On the rules for some Leaders and Sidekicks you may spot the words 'Affinity: NAME'. This means that characters can become a Free Agent if taken with the named character. For example, Harley Quinn can follow Poison Ivy or Ivy can follow Bane.
The rest of your crew is made up of ........

HENCHMEN. These often form the bulk of your force. Most only work for certain crews like Penguin or Two Face but there are a few that will work for anyone that pays.
Henchmen come in a couple of different types with each having several different skills and weapons. Named Henchmen can only be taken in your crew once each while un-named Henchmen can be taken in multiples. Some of the named ones can also be Elites.  You can only take 1 of an Elite type, like Elite Gangsters, unless you have a character that is an Elite Leader. Two Face is a good example as he is an Elite Leader Gangsters which lets him take several Gangsters at the same time.

While most of the models in the game are based on the Arkham series of computer game, the range also covers things like DC animation, Comics, Movies and Series. Like the Dark Knight above of Classic below.

I think that's enough info for one post.
If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments below or check out the Arkham City Limits Facebook Group which is full of very helpful people.

I will leave you with a few more images of the stunning models in the game. Check out the rest HERE.
Until next time - Hendybadger

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Time for a Blog Swap?

Hi all!

Now that ToaTS is back up any running, I think its time for a new Blog Swap!

How does it work?

1- Add ToaTS to your own Blogroll on your blog.
2- Leave a comment with a link to your blog.
3- Your blog will be added to the ToaTS Blogrolls on the right >

This lets us all get out there a bit more. The gaming blog community all joining together to worship little metal men!
And just because I don't think I have typed the word enough....... BLOG!

- Hendybadger

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Review - Batman Game Lamp Posts, Sewers and Objectives

For this Knight Models review I'm going to take a look at something a little different. Lamp Posts, Sewers and Objectives. All of these are used in the game rules and these packs are physical representations so you don't have to just use counters or markers.

With the Batman Minis Game being set at night, Lamp Posts are very handy. Each player gets to place D3 on the gaming table. These light up the immediate area around them and make models in that area easier to see / shoot at.
Each player also gets D3 Sewers. These let one model at a time move around the board from one marker to another. Opponents can block the exits though so watch who you send down there.

For the Objectives, each player gets to pick 3 of the 4 types and place them in or near the opponents deployment zone.
Loot gives bonus Victory Points to the crew that hold it. Riddles might give extra VP depending on a dice roll and number guess. Ammo Crates give extra Ammo Magazines to models that start the game with a limited number. Titan Canisters are single use and up all of a character basic stats by 1 for the turn.
Some characters like Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler and Mr Freeze can effect these objectives in different ways with their own rules.

Both of these sets come in standard blister packs with the parts held in with a large block of foam. The display car on the other side shows nice painted versions of the contents.
Inside you will find.....

2 Gotham City sewer covers, 2 Lamp Posts with street bases, Riddler Trophy, Loot / Money bag, Ammo Crates and a Titan canister. You will notice that the Objectives come with 30mm round bases but the Lamps and Sewers do no. You will need to find some extras or take off the tabs on the bases.

For the Lamps and Sewers I decided to dig out some extra bases so they matched the Objectives. There were barely any mould lines on them so it was straight to building.
The Sewers are perfect fit inside the lip of a 30mm bases. The Lamps took a little more effort as they needed to be kept straight until they had dried. Next time I will probably pin them as that would have made it a lot easier.

A quick scale shot with Arkham City Batman.

The Objectives were very easy to do. Minimal mould lines around them and each are a single piece. I have removed the base tabs and mounted them on Fenris Games Post Apoc base toppers to match the rest of my collection.
While the Ammo Crates, Loot and Riddle look really nice, I wasn't too impressed with the Titan Canister. Its a very plain piece that needs any details painted on to it. I would have preferred it if the 'Titan' logo and side markings were part of the sculpt.
Below is Arkham Batsy for scale again. (Sorry for the slightly blurry pic but you get the idea)

Both of these sets can be picked up from several stores for around the £6.50 mark. You can't beat that for some official scenery and objectives.

These two packs can really add the right looks and feel to your Gotham game board while being useful pieces and removing the need to counters that look out of place. I would recommend picking these up from the start if you want to play the Batman Minis game.
The down sides I can see are that you will need bases from the Lamps and Sewers and to paint the details onto the Titan Canisters. Not too bad all in all.

Taking that all into consideration, my final score for both sets together is.......

8 out of 10 Badger Points
Bases and more detail would have made a full 10!

What's coming up next? No idea. Suggestions?
While you're thinking why not head over and check out the rest of the Knight Models Goodies!

- Hendybadger

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Knight Models Batman / DC Review - Two Face / Black Mask Mobsters

Today is the first Knight Models review here which doesn't actually look at ANY Supers models. Instead we have some Elite goons for Two Face and Black Mask to use in the Batman Minis Game.

Elite Mobsters

The Mobsters come in the standard KM packaging. A clamsell blister with the pieces held in tightly with foam.
Instead of a separate display sheet, one side of each game card shows nicely painted examples of the models within.

Inside you will find two 35mm scale, highly detailed metal Mobsters ( Boris and Dirty Tom), two 30mm round edged bases and a game card for each figure.
As you can see above on the right, the cards are a new side opening style. An older Batman card is on the left for comparison.
I wont go in to the rules too deeply as I want to look at the crews bit by bit at a later date. But, these Mobsters work for Two Face, Black Mask and the upcoming Mafia crew. Both Boris and Dirty Tom are Elite Gangsters, this means you can only take one at a time unless you have an Elite Leader for Gangsters. So far, the only models with that rule are Two Face and Black Mask.
Boris is 33 Rep and Dirty Tom is 32 Rep with a combined Funding cost of $550. So to take both you need at least a medium sized 300 Rep game.

On to the models themselves.

Boris (left) is a single piece mini while Dirty Tom (right) comes in 3 pieces, Body, head and gun / arms. There are small mould lines around each part but they are easy to remove with a small file. Take care across the clothing though as the lines run straight across several folds.

Glue time.

Boris on the left was obviously easy to build being a single piece model but at the same time, Dirty Tom was almost as easy. The parts just dropped right in to place. There is a tiny gap behind his head but no more than most other metal models get.
The sculpts are very nice and clean and get the feel of old school Mobsters across really well. The faces on each do seem a little low on detail though compared to KMs usual standards. Not too bad as they are under hats although a little more detail would be nice. The gun are on Boris seems to be at a little bit of a funny angle as well. I think I may try and bend it up a little to have the gun pointing straighter.

As usual I have based these on the Fenris Game Post Apoc base toppers to match in with everything else.

As these don't have any certain markings on them, some people may want to use them in other games.
For scale, here they are next to a well known Outerspace Soldier. Remember though, the base toppers also add height.
I can see them fitting in with anything 30mm scale or larger, but at 28mm or smaller they will look too out of place.

The pack of two in most online shops sits around the £12 mark. £6 a piece for a larger scaled metal model isn't bad in my eyes.

Overall, I like the Mobsters. But, they probably wouldn't be my first choice of models for a Two Face or Black Mask crew. They are more like extra options.
If the poses and faces were a little better, I would have picked up a couple of sets though.
Score time.....

6.5 out of 10 Badger Points
(6 seemed too low but 7 too high)

Next time I will take a look at some of the objects you can pick up to use in game.

- Hendybadger

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Knight Models Marvel Review - Dr Doom and the Punisher

Today I'm going to take a look at a couple of Knight Models most recent releases for the Marvel 35mm range. Dr.Doom and the Punisher.
While they don't have a game for these models yet, KM are said to be working on a Supers rules set due out in the near future that will let you use your favourite Marvel and high powered DC characters on the tabletop. No reason you couldn't use these in any other Super Hero game until then though.

First up lets take a look at the packaging. Both come in small clamshell blister packs with the parts held in tightly with foam. They also each have a display card that shows a stunning painted example of the mini on one side and the general logo of the Marvel group they are linked to on the other. Fantastic 4 for Doom and the skull for Punisher.

Each model is a highly detailed 35mm scale metal mini that needs assembly and painting. They both also come with a 30mm plastic round edged base.

Dr.Doom a.k.a Victor von Doom is one of the oldest and most well known Marvel villains. Long time enemy of the Fantastic Four, he has also taken on several other characters including the Avengers and X-Men on occasions. Even though Doom is a master of magic and science, he was still beaten by Squirrel Girl once!

The model for Dr.Doom comes in only two parts. Main body and flowing cape. The feet of the main body are on a pile of rubble, but it looks easy enough to remove if you want to base him a different way.
There are small mould lines running round both parts, but nothing that took too much effort. I recommend and set of small diamond flies for jobs like these as they make it easier to get into a couple of the harder mould lines inside to folds of the cape.

The Punisher
The Punisher is also known as Frank Castle. After his family were killed, he decided to become a one man army and take out all crime he could. He has crossed paths with other Heroes like Spiderman and Daredevil but usually likes to work alone. Red Hulk drafted him on to the new 'red' Thunderbolts team, but that isn't going so well.

The Punisher model is in four parts. Body, head, large gun arm and small gun arm.
Each part has a shaped plug that fits into a corresponding hole on the body to give you the pose. I do suggest clipping or filling down these plugs a little as that will give the parts a tighter fit.
There are small mould lines running around each part but they were very easy to get rid of with  small file and a couple of minutes.

Time for glue........
(I didn't notice the backgrounds were the wrong way around until I uploaded the pictures. Sorry)

These models were very easy to put together. But I did shorten all the plugs on parts so that may have had something to do with it. Dooms cape will need holding while it dries to keep it in the right place but when it's done it looks great.
Both Punisher and Dr.Doom have very characterful and imposing poses. The sculpts really grab the feel of each character. I decided to base these on the Post Apoc toppers from Fenris Games to match all of my other Supers minis.

Online you can find these minis for around £12 each. OK, it seems a bit much for a single model but it is a high detailed, large scale, licensed product. Plus it's no more expensive that characters for some of the other well known games on the market.

Overall, I'm impressed with these models. While they aren't a couple of my favourite Marvel characters, they are still nice enough to make me want them anyway.
For the pair I would score them .....

8 out of 10 Badger Points

Cant wait to see what Knight Models do with this range in the future.
If you want to see what others are doing with these models, why no check out the Marvel / Superhero Miniatures + Gaming  Facebook group.

Next up for review, the new Mobsters for the Batman Minis Game.

- Hendybadger
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