Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Bat and the Badger head for Wayland

If you use Wayland Games, you may have noticed that they have updated their website and added a new Blog Section.

They also have some sort of 'Badger' writing about the Batman Minis Game.

Keep an eye on the new blog for all sorts of goodies. The current plan is to have the official 'info' posts like how to build crews on the Wayland Blog and keep my own work like painting and board making here.

That may change in a couple of weeks, but who knows?

What would you like to see on both the Wayland Blog and this one?

- Hendybadger

Friday, 27 March 2015

Marvel and Batman March Releases

Knight Models posted up their new Marvel and Batman releases yesterday and WOW!
The March releases are very impressive.

First up is Norman Osborne a.k.a the Green Goblin. While the Marvel models don't have rules (yet) this is still a fantastic model. Captures the character perfectly.

For Batman, the releases are just as nice.
Penguin from the Gotham TV show looks just like the actor and gives the Penguin crew a new Leader or he can be used as a Sidekick for an Organised Crime crew.
Penguin's rules are HERE.

Talking of Organised Crime, Commissioner Loeb and the GCPD are coming as well.
Loeb can lead a Law force or be a sidekick for Organised Crime. Lieutenant Branden is also a Sidekick for Organised Crime, but he can also be a Sidekick for Law, Two Face and Black Mask.
Both of them are Corrupt meaning they can take up to 3 Law Henchmen in any crew they join, including SWAT as they also both have Elite Boss (SWAT).
The GCPD are filled out with a SWAT member with battering ram and a Detective.
The rules for all four can be found HERE.

The next two sets are some well needed Henchmen.
Two Face gets a two pack. One with a revolver and one with a shield and petrol bomb. Together they only come in at 33 Rep so easy to add to your crew.
Their rules are HERE.

The final model set is the stunning Blackgate Prisoners 2. These 4 chaps can be taken by ANY Villain crew. Coming in at just under 100 Rep, they can boost a crew where it needs help. The weapons and rules are great to. An electric baton, automatic gun, axe and bodyguard with brass knuckles means they have a man for almost any situation.
Rule for them are HERE.

As well as pretty models, KM carry on with their Gotham Scenography MDF range.
This month is a pair of very nice billboards featuring Penguin's Iceberg Lounge and Vicki Vale's chat show. They will make great rooftop cover for the Dark Knight.

What do you think of this months new goodies?
Will you be picking any of them up?

- Hendybadger

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Batman Beta Test Forum Now Open

Knight Models have just added a VERY interesting section to their official Batman Forum.

The new Oracle Beta Test section will cover all sorts of upcoming rules for the Batman Miniature Game and expansions.
First up are some test rules for destroying scenery. Check them out and let KM know what you think.

This forum is going to be a page to keep a very close eye on in the future.

- Hendybadger

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Geeky Birthday Haul. Pure Awesomeness!!!!!

While the Arrow's villains have always "FAILED THIS CITY", my family have far from failed this geek!
Yesterday I turned 20-11 (31) and you would think people knew me quite well with the geeky haul I was given. Massive thanks to all of them.
About are four 4' canvases. These are huge and look stunning.

My Funko Pop collection got a nice boost with Adam West in his Batmobile, Bruce Wayne and the mighty Locutus of Borg!
On top of that the geek fest continued with a scale Bat-Signal, which is the perfect size for the batman game and actually lights up, some Mario Pez, old school Back to the Future on Blu-ray and some very nice WN S7 brushes. A hint I should paint more maybe?

There was still more artwork to come. A 2' Justice League canvas and a lovely commissioned piece of Deadpool and Harley by local artist Marc Ducrow. A colour copy is coming soon as well.

Some of my family and friends gave me some cash to spend on anything I liked. They knew it would be toys!
The Blackagates are on the way to get painted as additional Two Face crew members and Speedy is getting a head swap from Arrow to become a CW Arsenal.

The girls also got some help in the form of Classic Harley and Catwoman to join my Ivy crew and form the Gotham City Sirens.
The last bit was spent on some dark green Army Painter, I was given a Nerf bow and arrow at christmas and thought it would look great in dark green instead of the white and purple it is at the moment.

But why would I want a green bow?
THIS IS WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ignore the kids beanbags and toys)
My awesome wife had an Arrow costume made to fit me! Cant wait to get out to the comicons and Batman game demos now!

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for my awesome gifts.

Until next time,

Friday, 20 March 2015

Mr Lucky Painting Joins ToaTS

A new Bat-fan is coming to join the ToaTS Blog.
Mr Lucky from Mr Lucky Painting Studio will soon be here with painting tutorials and much more for the Batman range from Knight Models.

You can check out some of the stunning work he has been doing below.

One of Mr Lucky's plans is covering the different styles of Henchmen in the BMG. From the GCPD to Joker Clowns and Bane's Mercs. Showing you how to get different looks for each.

He will also be working on some characters. Step by Step tutorials will have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels so you can follow to you current standard and see how to advance to the next step.

It's not only going to be models though. Mr Lucky also does great work on scenery and bases. I'm sure he will show you how to do that as well.

I cant wait for him to get started and I hope all the readers out there will welcome him to the site and let him know what you think of his blogs.

More soon......


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Gotham Penguin Preview for the Batman Minis Game

Fans of Gotham! The Penguin is making his move on the Batman Miniatures Game!
An exclusive preview is up in the new Wayland Games Blog.

Oswald Cobblepot is joining the game as a Penguin Leader and an Organised Crime Sidekick.

Check out the Wayland Blog and let us know what you think.

From Le Collectionneur in the comments here and the Arkham City Limits group we have the rules!!!!!

Penguin (Gotham)
70 Rep 0 $ Leader - Penguin / Sidekick - Organised Crime

Will 7 STR 5+ 1 Mov 3 Att 3 def 6 End 3 Speed
Weapons - Knife and Umbrella
Traits - Luck, Mob, Persuasive, Scheming/2, Distract, Strategist, Cruel
Special Rules - Boss's Orders (2SC): Once per round,all Henchmen in this character’s crew within 20cm of this charcater gain +1 to hit rolls in close combat attacks (the henchmen need to have the same affiliation that the boss).
Survivor: When this character receives enough damage to become a Casualty, don’t remove him from the game, roll a die instead, on a result of 5+ this character removes 1 damage marker and continues in play (Knocked Down and remove the Actions Counters normally for damage accumulation), if not the character becomes a casualty normally

- Hendybadger
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