Friday, 5 February 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - The Avengers

Today it's the turn of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The Avengers! Well, the Avengers starter set anyway.

The Avengers are led by Steve Rogers, the original Captain America.
Cap is a Lvl 7 Superhuman / Hero
As a natural leader Captain America can call Avengers Assemble to bring the team together and boost them while they are there.
Is is also a trained Soldier who is skilled with his Vibranium Shield which can be used to stop incoming attacks to even bounced off of multiple enemies.

Tony Stark is the tech guy of the team. Known to most as Ironman.
Ironman is a Lvl 7 Superhuman / Hero.
Using his Ironman suit, Stark can fly across the battlefield at great speeds. The in built sensors can see everything around him, even those that think they are hidden. The suit is also packed with his trademark Repulsors, Micro Missile and the huge Unibeam and is able to recharge when hit with electric.

What is an Avengers team without some serious muscle? Thor Odinson, an Asgardian God fills that role nicely.
Thor is a Lvl 13 Superhuman / Hero.
Thor brings pure Asgard power to the team. Strength, flight and the might hammer Mjolnir.
Able to bring down bolts of lightning or slam enemies back with his hammer, Thor is capable of dealing with any situation. The hammer can even be used as a shield to protect him, if he even needs it to that is.

Sometimes the Avengers need someone to sneak in and Infiltrate an area. Natasha Romanova is the perfect woman for the job, known in the field as the Black Widow.
Black Widow is a Lvl 4 Superhuman  / Hero.
Once Widow has appeared deep into enemy territory, she can use her combat skills, firearms and signature Widow's Bite gauntlets to take down her target.

Do you like the look of the Avengers?
Will they be the first to hit the board for you?


- Hendybadger

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - The Guardians of the Galaxy

Hey True Believers!
Today we have something great for you. A look at the band of misfits otherwise known as the Guardians of the Galaxy!

First is is the Guardians self appointed Leader. Peter Quill a.k.a Starlord
Starlord is a Lvl 6 Cosmic / Hero.
Armed with his Quad Laser and Element Gun Starlord can pull off a Perfect Plan (well, 12% of one) while flying around the board with his rocket boots.
In times of need he can use his Energy field for self defense and even Distract the enemy. With a dance off?

Next up is the Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe, Gamora ZWB Titan.
Gamora is a Lvl 9 Cosmic / Hero.
As the Daughter of Thanos, Gamora is a trained Assassin armed with a blast gun and her prized Vorpal Blade. She is also Stealthy and can have her team mates join her in action right away.

The gadget man of the team is none other than Rocket Raccoon.
Rocket is a Lvl 7 Cosmic / Hero
Along with being an Agile and fast little critter, Rocket is armed to his pointy teeth!
Explosives, Plasma Rifles, Photon Pistols and even a Big Flarkin' Gun! If something needs shooting, rocket is your man.

The team has some serious muscle in the form of Drax the Destroyer.
Drax is a Lvl 8 Cosmic / Hero.
Brutal, Cruel and Rage filled, Drax is a power house that will use his Knives to go through anyone. He is a team player though so will happily act as a Bodyguard for the others.
Drax was created to take down Thanos, when the big purple man appears, Drax is the one you need.

So, what do you think of the first few Guardians of the Galaxy?
Will they be your team of choice?

Until next time........

- Hendybadger

Monday, 1 February 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - Character Cards

Knight Models have sent over the final version of one of the character cards to take a look at today.
I'll go through it bit by bit and explain what it all means.

First up on the top is the characters picture and 'Super' name. Some will have their 'real' name as well if its different.

Power: This is how many Power counters the model has to spend each turn.
Speed: The different Speeds in Inches the model can move. 1 Power for the first or 2 for the second.
Strength: This shows how strong a character is for picking up and throwing models and terrain.
Attack: How skilled they are. You roll 2D8 + Attack vs your opponent defense.
Size: The models general size. Used for being picked up and thrown.
Agility: This is for dodging Sprays, Explosions and Expansive Waves. 2D8, equal to or less than Agility.
Stamina: This is to see if your character stays standing when badly damaged. 2D8 equal or under to stay up or recover from being Knocked Out
Willpower: This is used to break free of mind control types of Special Powers. 2D8 equal or under,

Shield: Physical defense used against Physical attacks
Brain: Mental defense used against Mental attacks
Star: Energy Defense used against Energy attacks
Eye of Agamotto: Supernatural Defense used against Supernatural attacks.

These show the general skills a model has that are listed in the main rulebook. For Drax here it's-
Brutal: Add Push / 4 to a Critical
Cruel: +1 Damage is the targets Endurance is in the Red zone
Rage /3: Gain an additional 3 Power when recovering from KO.

8: This is the models Level used for team building and balancing games.
Logo: This shows the models affiliation. Guardians logo with green background is Cosmic / Hero

Attack: The actions name
Cost / Freq: The Power cost to use the attack at the frequency it can be used. Green is as many time as you can. Blue is once per turn. Purple is once per game.
Nature & Type: The first logo is the Nature is the attack and will match a Defense. The second is the type. Some characters could be weak / resistant to certain types
DMG: The base damage the attack does.
Range: This will either have a 'Fist' for Melee or number for range in inches. Sometime is shows both which is a ranged Melee attack.
Effect 1/2: Here you will find any additional effects an attack has like alternate Overloads or Crits.

Special Powers
Name: The Name of the Power
Cost/Freq: As with attacks, Powers has a Power cost and frequency they can be used.
Use: Powers are either 'A'ctive (your turn), 'R'eactive (opponents turn) or 'P'assive (constant)
Range: The distance you can use this Power, 0 or - is on your self.
Effect: The effects and conditions of this Power when used.

Endurance Bar
This is in 3 sections. Green, Amber and Red.
As a model takes damage it fills each box one at a time from left to right.
As you are in each area, any listed + or - are applied until you move into the next section.
As you enter the Red you must make a Stamina Roll. If you fail you become KO.
At the end of each turn you must also make a Stamina Roll if you are in the Amber or Red and still standing.

Any questions, just post below.

- Hendybadger

Friday, 29 January 2016

Marvel Universe - Factions and Team Building

Hey True Believers!
Slight change of plan today. Where I was going to look at the stat cards, they have needed a few tweaks so today is Factions and Team Building.

Factions and Alignments
Each character in the Marvel Universe Miniature Game belongs to one of more Factions.
These, at release are Superhuman (Avengers), Mutant (X-Men) and Cosmic (Guardians)
As well as a Faction each model also has an Alignment. Hero, Villain or Neutral.
These are show on the stat cards as symbols with either different backgrounds. For example, An X on a green background is Mutant Hero.

Team Building
Building a Team for the MUMG is really easy.
To start of with you need to know the Level of the game you are playing. Usually 30-50. This will either be set by the scenario or decided between the players.
Each character has a Faction, Alignment and Level on their card.
You can take characters whose Levels add up to the total scenario size and all share the same Faction and Alignment. Neutral character can be taken by both Heroes and Villains

Models that share the same 'true' name can not be taken more than once. Ironman Mk7 and Ironman Mk 44 are both Tony Stark so you can only take one or the other.
Peter Parker and Miles Morales as two Spider-men would be fine though as they are different People.
(Examples may or may not appear in game)

Lets try a quick team using the X-Men above

Game Level: 30
Faction: Mutant
Alignment: Hero

Level 7    Mutant / Hero

Level 7    Mutant / Hero

Level 8    Mutant / Hero + Superhuman/Hero

Level 8    Mutant / Neutral

(These may not be the final levels etc)

Any questions?
Let us know below.

Until next week......
- Hendybadger

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - The Rules

Today I want to take a closer look at the rules for the Marvel Universe Miniature game from Knight Models.

First of all there are a few basic points-

The rulebook will come in the starter sets.
Each character comes with a stat / rules card. Including the characters Level. (4-20)
The game works on 2D8 ( 2 x 8 sided dice). These are rolled together and compared to stats. You will need at least 5 to play.
Measuring can be done at any time and is in Inches.
Models can see 360 degrees.
The game is played on a 36"x 36" board of your choice. The more terrain the better.
Models are used on an alternating basis. One model from one player at a time. Then the same from the other.
Games are set in scenarios which have different 'achievements' to gain Victory Points which decide the winner.

Power (POW)
Each character has a Power stat. This is used when the model 'activates' and this Power is spent on Movement, Attacks and Special Powers.

A character has 2-3 movement speeds in Inches. For example, 4/7/12. It costs 1 POW for the first stat, 2 for the second, 3 for the third. You can usually only move once per turn.
Models with the Agile rule can use a second Movement action per turn.
Crossing rough terrain or climbing / jumping costs double movement. Models with Fly ignore these and can move in any direction.
It is possible for a model to fall and take damage.

Attack vs Defense
Attacks and Defenses come in 4 types. Physical, Energy, Mental and Supernatural. Most characters are strong in some areas and weak in others.
Some attacks also have a secondary type like Cold, Sharp or Laser. Some characters are weak / immune to some of these types.
An attack has a POW cost, range, damage and often additional effects like Push.
Some have Expansive Wave, or Spray instead of a range. These use a distance or template and can be dodged with a models Agility.
Attack also come in 3 frequencies. Blue, green and purple. (these will have better names)
Green can be used as many times as you like.
Blue can be used once a turn.
Purple can be used once a game
To attack you pay the POW cost, roll 2D8 + Attack Stat and compare to the opponents matching defense type. Physical Attack vs Physical Def etc. If you beat the defense you damage is applied.

Overloads and Criticals
Attacks can be Overloaded. You pay 1 extra POW for 1 extra D8. This can only be applied once.
Some Attacks have a different Overload listed and you can choose this effect instead of the +1D8 if you want to.
When rolling to attack, any double is a Critical. Basic criticals cause +1 Damage. Some attacks have a different Crit which is used.

Special Powers
Like Attacks, Special Powers also come in 3 types. Green, Blue and Purple with the same frequency uses.
Some have a range and all are either Active or Reactive. Active are used in your turn, Reactive when attacked by an opponent.
Most Special Powers are things like movements and boosts. Non-damage abilities.

Each model has an Endurance Bar. This is set in three colours. Green, yellow and red.
As you take damage you progress along the bar and could get + or - stats in each section of Endurance.
If you are in the Yellow or Red, you use your Stamina stat to see if you become Knocked Out. A Knocked out model has to make a Stamina roll to activate in the next turn.
If your Endurance Bar if filled, the model is Incapacitated and removed from the game.

Terrain / Throwing
ALL terrain on the board can be damaged, destroyed or thrown. The stronger the character, the more damage they can cause and larger items they can throw. It is even possible to throw friendly and enemy models.

I don't want to add too much more as this seems to be enough to give you a basic idea of the game.
Tomorrow we will look at the character cards.

Any question, post below.
- Hendybadger

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - An Intro

It's here! It's finally here! The Marvel Universe Miniature Game is coming from Knight Models.
Above you can see the first teaser which has already spread around the internet like wildfire. I'm not surprised as comic / tabletop fans like myself have been waiting for years to see something like this.

I am going to be posting all sorts of info on the MUMG over the next couple of weeks and answering any questions I can.
How about we start with a little intro into the game?

What is the MUMG?
This game is a small scale skirmish level game where Superheroes and Villains face off against each other in a 3D tabletop set up. It could be a city, the Wakandan desert, the Savage Lands, the blue area of the moon or anything you like. In Marvel they fight anywhere.
It is played on a 36" x 36" board so will fit on most tables without a problem.

In a game you will usually have between 4-7 characters on your team. Each of these characters act individually using their own Power to carry out different attacks and use Special Powers.
Many can help or hinder each others though with boosts and actions like a Fastball Special.

The aim of the game is to win set scenarios by completing different tasks and scoring Victory Points. These could be anything from take down / save the highest Level model in the team or rescue and keep a Cosmic Relic.

Each character comes with their own Stat Card which shows everything they can do. Attacks, Defence, Skills, Power, Damage and such.
These are then used in a 2 D8 mechanic during the game. For example, 2D8 plus Attack Stat vs Defence Stat or 2D8 against your own Agility.

The first wave of the MUMG will include 3 Starter set of four models each. Avengers, X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy as well as an additional character for each faction and a miniature rulebook in each starter set.

A couple of questions that have come up already-

Is it compatible with the Batman and Spider-Man games?
- No. The MUMG is a completely different rules set. But, I do expect to see the main Spider-Man characters get rules.

Can I buy this in my local store?
- Yes! The MUMG will be available to anyone that stock Knight Models products.

Tomorrow I will have a closer look at the main rules and some of the more interesting and different mechanics.

If you have any questions, post them below or check out the Official Marvel Minis group on Facebook HERE

Until next time True Believers!
- Hendybadger
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