Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Building a Dockside Board - Planning Stage

Recently I decided I was going to build a second board for the Batman Minis Game to go with my City Board (that still isn't finished).
As something that is often seen and mentioned in stories from Gotham , I thought a dockside would be a good addition.

The basic board will be 3'x3' with a section of water at an angle of 45 degrees on one corner that contains at least one jetty / pier.
Why not straight down one side? Well, angled water means all of the buildings and such can be at an angle as well. This breaks up the usual fire and charge lanes you find in a lot of games.

The PERFECT Warehouses for the dock are made by Micro Arts Studio. These are a fair size and the walls, doors and windows can be removed. They even have interior levels to play on.
To start with, two of these will be added to the dock.

To go with the warehouses, Micro Arts also do small blocks of flats or offices. Again, any windows and doors can be removed and there is a playable interior. One of the most appealing bits on this one is the fire escape. Great to Batclaw up to or leap off of.
I'm going to start with one of these, but depending on the space a second may be added.

To add some more interesting levels to the board and to make the jetty, I'm going to grab a couple of the Walkway sets from the same range. These are modular so can be built around, between or even over other items on the board.

What is a dock without a crane? This beauty called 'Ichabod' is from Fenris Games. This massive and detailed piece will make a great centrepiece and really add to the dock look.

So far this could be any old dock. Until you added a tons of shipping containers, crates and boxes from Wayne Enterprises and Queen Industries. With these goodies from Knight Models it couldn't be mistaken for anywhere else.

The addition of some dumpsters and phone booths with 'Gotham' written across them will further cement the location.

Any why did I want to do a dockside in the first place? Well........

I just picked up these awesome Batboats from the Batman Automobilia range. Forever is one of my favourite movies so that one was a 'must have' and I couldn't leave out good old Adam West after growing up watching the old series.

What do you think of these plans?
Is there anything I'm missing so far?

- Hendybadger


  1. :) Looks like you have the same idea as I had.
    I had kind of planned to do a similar board (with also the same buildings and crane) for both Wolsung and Batman.
    As mine is still a far away project, I look forward seeing yours and perhaps steal some ideas ;).

    1. Mine won't be that soon. Need to gather all the bits together first.
      I will update on here as it goes though.

  2. Interesting. I'm going to enjoy this as I'm just starting my own similar project, but for Pulp Alley rules.

  3. Looking forward to this....I have been wanting a crane, the one you found could work for me....plus some of the other items are a head turner..

    1. The crane is fantastic! Fenris do some amazing stuff and its not too expensive.
      Which others caught your eye?

  4. That looks like it is going to be a really fun project. Good luck with it and enjoy. A couple of old style trucks maight be nice.

  5. What about this awesome project? How has it ended? I really want to see pictures about! :)


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