Thursday, 2 April 2015

Building the BatPod

The Dark Knight trilogy Batpod is one of the most stunning looking pieces in the Batman range from Knight Models.
The only problem is, it comes in several pieces and doesn't have any instructions.
One of the members (SFW) on the Arkham City Limits Facebook group suggested I put together a post to show how it all goes together.

This first image is from the Official Batman Game Forum and shows all of the parts in the pack.
You have - Batman (body, head, arms, cape), two front guns, two wheels, rear fork (far right), rear chain (A shape  next to cape), handlebars (middle n shape), main chassis (above footrests) and foot rests (bottom left)

Here you can see some shot of the finished bike from a few different angles.I have mounted it on an Aftermath chariot base from Fenris Games as it seemed about the right size.
This lets you see the main body with the wider part at the front. It also shows how Batman sits on the bike and the angle that everything is at.

A close up of the front wheel. Here you can see the longer front gun acts as the front forks. It goes on the left of the wheel and joins on the the front of the chassis. The other gun lines up on the other side of the wheel. The tire does have small indents to show where the parts go.

Close up of the rear wheel.
The rear forks going on the right side of the wheel and join on to the back of the chassis. Batman's foot also rests on this part. The rear chain (A) meets the edge of the rear forks and joins to the middle of the wheel on the left hand side.

The final two parts are the two I see the most confusion with.
The footrests attach under the chassis towards the rear with the U of the bars facing backwards.
The handlebars have a V shape in the middle of them and there is a corresponding shape at the front of the chassis. The bars may need a little bending to fit, but the tops of them slot into small holes just behind Batman's elbows.

I hope this has helped those trying to build a Batpod.
Are there any parts that are still unclear?

- Hendybadger


  1. This is great help, thanks a lot!

  2. How many times did you swear during the making of this model? It looks like quite the pain in the rear to assemble it. I also call into question the logic behind producing a model kit of this complexity with NO instructions. Kind of disappointing really.

    1. It was actually quite easy to build. When you work out where it all goes anyway.
      The lack of instructions isn't great though but the model is stunning.

  3. Just wondering if you needed to do a lot of pinning. It sure looks complex. The final model is pretty awesome!

    1. Honestly, I didn't use a single pin.
      Just superglue.


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