Thursday, 6 October 2011

BCB KR Multicase Prize Donation + Painting Pink Entries so far.....

Today he have had another GREAT prize dontaion for our Breast Cancer Brawl on October 15th.

KR Multicase have donated 2 very nice figure cases, full of foam to fit WarmaHordes forces.
A standard Aluminium and a K-Lite.
A HUGE thankyou to the guys at KR Multicase!

Painting Pink contest + auction

We already have quite afew minis donated to our 'Painting Pink' contest and auction.
Here are the ones we have recieved so far.......
(I apologise in advance for my photography skills. All of these minis look in better in person)

By PG_Doctor Kog

Steve - NCBB

Col - NCBB

Alan - The Hairy Caber


And I know there are more being worked on.
Cant wait to see what else turns up!

Hendybadger out


  1. The event is turning into a right cracker, prizes aside; all those models are deserving of praise. Can I just say that, while I admire and listen to Trollblood Scrum; I am sadly not part of their great podcast. That said, I am happy to proxy the Sea Witch on their behalf lol.

  2. Apologies. Its me trying to rush things and getting my Troll named sites mixed up


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