Thursday, 28 January 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game - The Rules

Update: Free PDF V3 Rulebook can be found >HERE<. FAQ is >HERE<

Today I want to take a closer look at the rules for the Marvel Universe Miniature game from Knight Models.

First of all there are a few basic points-

The rulebook will come in the starter sets.
Each character comes with a stat / rules card. Including the characters Level. (4-20)
The game works on 2D8 ( 2 x 8 sided dice). These are rolled together and compared to stats. You will need at least 5 to play.
Measuring can be done at any time and is in Inches.
Models can see 360 degrees.
The game is played on a 36"x 36" board of your choice. The more terrain the better.
Models are used on an alternating basis. One model from one player at a time. Then the same from the other.
Games are set in scenarios which have different 'achievements' to gain Victory Points which decide the winner.

Power (POW)
Each character has a Power stat. This is used when the model 'activates' and this Power is spent on Movement, Attacks and Special Powers.

A character has 2-3 movement speeds in Inches. For example, 4/7/12. It costs 1 POW for the first stat, 2 for the second, 3 for the third. You can usually only move once per turn.
Models with the Agile rule can use a second Movement action per turn.
Crossing rough terrain or climbing / jumping costs double movement. Models with Fly ignore these and can move in any direction.
It is possible for a model to fall and take damage.

Attack vs Defense
Attacks and Defenses come in 4 types. Physical, Energy, Mental and Supernatural. Most characters are strong in some areas and weak in others.
Some attacks also have a secondary type like Cold, Sharp or Laser. Some characters are weak / immune to some of these types.
An attack has a POW cost, range, damage and often additional effects like Push.
Some have Expansive Wave, or Spray instead of a range. These use a distance or template and can be dodged with a models Agility.
Attack also come in 3 frequencies. Blue, green and purple. (these will have better names)
Green can be used as many times as you like.
Blue can be used once a turn.
Purple can be used once a game
To attack you pay the POW cost, roll 2D8 + Attack Stat and compare to the opponents matching defense type. Physical Attack vs Physical Def etc. If you beat the defense you damage is applied.

Overloads and Criticals
Attacks can be Overloaded. You pay 1 extra POW for 1 extra D8. This can only be applied once.
Some Attacks have a different Overload listed and you can choose this effect instead of the +1D8 if you want to.
When rolling to attack, any double is a Critical. Basic criticals cause +1 Damage. Some attacks have a different Crit which is used.

Special Powers
Like Attacks, Special Powers also come in 3 types. Green, Blue and Purple with the same frequency uses.
Some have a range and all are either Active or Reactive. Active are used in your turn, Reactive when attacked by an opponent.
Most Special Powers are things like movements and boosts. Non-damage abilities.

Each model has an Endurance Bar. This is set in three colours. Green, yellow and red.
As you take damage you progress along the bar and could get + or - stats in each section of Endurance.
If you are in the Yellow or Red, you use your Stamina stat to see if you become Knocked Out. A Knocked out model has to make a Stamina roll to activate in the next turn.
If your Endurance Bar if filled, the model is Incapacitated and removed from the game.

Terrain / Throwing
ALL terrain on the board can be damaged, destroyed or thrown. The stronger the character, the more damage they can cause and larger items they can throw. It is even possible to throw friendly and enemy models.

I don't want to add too much more as this seems to be enough to give you a basic idea of the game.
Tomorrow we will look at the character cards.

Any question, post below.
- Hendybadger


  1. Has a feel of Warmachine to it as far as resource management goes. I like it, I am a little worried the destroyable terrain could be a bit heavy rules wise.

    1. It's not too bad really. Dmg points and a basic defence.

  2. Now I can throw cars at people and hit them with lampposts I am well happy. HULK SMASH! :D

  3. It mentions some characters get access to a second move action. Does this mean they could move, action and move again? Also could you give us some information on if you can heal normally (like shaking stun in Batman) or if a regeneration power is the only way to heal damage? Thanks.

    1. You can move, attack, move.
      You can recover from KO with a Stamina Roll but only certain powers can actually remove damage.

  4. Seems very pulpcity city to me. Which is not a bad thing at all :)

    1. There are similarities but it plays quite differently.

  5. Thank you for this. Any idea how many models per side?

    1. Roughly 4-7 depending on who you choose.

  6. How does the characters level effect their card? Are their multiple versions of the same hero with different levels?

    From how I'm reading your description is seems a lot like an advanced version of Heroclix.

    1. The Level is used to balance team building. Level 4 is weak, Level 20 is seriously tough.

  7. Replies
    1. Not exactly but I'm thinking in weeks not months.

  8. Can you block as the defender or increase your defense some how against attacks?

    1. Yes. The full rules contain Defensive Improvements that cost 1 POW for +2 Def

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Thanks for putting out this review and content I am excited for this release!

  11. This all sounds fantastic, thanks for sharing the info!

    Quick question if you're able to answer, is Power allocated at the start of the turn (like Willpower in BMG) or can you allocate it as and when needed? For example, would you have to declare at the start of the turn how many Power you're using on a model's movement, or can you decide when you activate that specific model based on where enemies are/what else you might need Power for ect? Cheers.

    1. Good question. Power is used as and when you want it. No need to declare or pre plan until you actually use an ability.

  12. Interestingly enough, I received my X-Men starter last week and after reading the rulebook I was surprised that while the game is saying it's scenario driven there was only 1 scenario to play.
    Will there be a release of a "regular" sized rulebook with more scenarios, special powers, etc?

    1. Each starter has a different scenario in and there will be more released with more models in the future.

    2. I hope they release something (like a separate book) with more general scenarios. Having to purchase a new miniature in order to get a new scenario seems unfair and impractical.

    3. There is call for them to do a set at some point, but at the moment it's the same as things like X-Wing where you get different scenarios in different packs.
      Even if you only collect a single team, you will have a selection soon enough.

  13. Do you know are Daredevil and other street levels Marvel characters (Elektra, Punisher, Spider-Man, etc) going to be in this system, or is the plan to still have a Marvel version of BMG for them?

    1. Don't know if they will be moving to MU yet. There will be a Spider-man coming for the MU though.

  14. Here is the problem I see. The starter does not seem to be for 2 players. I don't want to buy 2 starters at these prices for my son and I to play. Second, no villains? Really?

    1. They are 1 team starters. You could do 2v2 to get a feel for it.
      Villains are coming.


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