Monday 9 January 2012

Pulp City is Invaded by Ninja Assassins! (updated)

The first of the Jade Cult Assassins has been posted up today on the Pulp City Facebook page. (Click pics to view larger)
A new type of Minion that can be taken with the other members of the Jade Cult, Heros including Crimson Oni and ,Im not certain on this last one, maybe Villains in general?
They come in pairs but the kits have a huge amount of options.
2 bodies, 4 heads and 4 weapon sets. Thats a whole lot of options.

 A teaser image was posted a while back that shows a couple of the other parts.

I have also dug up the concept image that was on the PC fourm a while back. Not gratly detailed but I think the minis have captured the look, feel and movement perfectly.

I think these model look amazing. Very dynamic and wonderfuly detailed. Really looking forward to picking up a set or 2 for my Heros and Villains. Got some colour schemes in mind and I have even seen all the parts yet.
You will be able to take 1 card of them at a time, thats 2 minis, but when the Green Emporer is released he will be able to take alot more of them. A whole army of Ninjas? Yes please!

The Jade Cult Assassins are due out with the next wave of Pulp City Supremes and will be boxed with the Green Emporers daughter, the Green Serpent (shown below)
Over on the Pen and Lead Blog there is also a quick word from Morf, the head of Pulp City, on these models.

"… the batch of sculpts from James and I took them immediately to MaxMini for casting.
I got to say this is just one of my favorite batches: hyper dynamic (hey, it’s ninjas!) super sexy minis!

There are two ninja Supremes (male and female), multipart ninjas (2 body types, 8 weapons and arms, 4 heads – all very user friendly as they hold almost with no glue) and the Green Emperor who is just really menacing as he draws his sword.

But it’s not just villains – Heroes will be able to use ninjas as well, and all Hero players will be happy to see a whole new team building option that gives special bonuses if you build your team with the martial arts theme (yes, that means Chronin side by side with Chimp Chi)."

Sounds like the new models are going to give alot more options to all players. Really like the idea of a martial arts Hero team!

This is shaping up to be an amazing wave of releases for Pulp City.
With the above models there will also be Foxxy Blade, Crimson Oni, Doom Train, Night Fright, Tanuki and the Shadow Mask.

Is you want to find out more about these minis then head over to the PC Forum

 On a different topic,
If you are an email subscriber to this blog but this update hasnt arrived then please check out my last post >>HERE<<

Im off to work on some more city scenery.
Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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