Tuesday 31 January 2012

The '2012 11+1 Challenge' from Pen and Lead

Over on the Pen and Lead Blog (link), Varagon has issued a challenge.
The 2012 11+1 painting challenge.
I couldn't say no!

The original post is HERE and the idea is to paint 1 mini a month plus an extra during the year.
It cant be a commission, to sell, traded, used for an exchange or anything similar. It has to be yours. By you for you. And has to be one of the models from your starting list.

What am I going to do?
Cheat! Well not exactly. I have started painting some models in this month so they will be included in my list. But each will only count as half a month seeing they all have the base colours down.
And to make it a bit harder because I cheated, I will also include a couple of extras. All will be Pulp City minis as I have LOTS that need painting.

The List
1. Supreme Zed + Sanguine/Draku
2. Skyline + Jade Hawk
3. Solar + Perun
4. Trail + Harrier
5. Tritonius + Kitty Cheshire
6. Mourn + Loup Garou
(that's the minis already started)

7. Seabolt
8. Hadron (Cap, Giant + Mini)
9. Nuclear Jones + Dr Mercury (Because Docs simple and doesn't count as a whole one to me)
10. Arquero + Avatar of the Jaguar (Again, my Avatar scheme is simple so doesn't count as a whole)

11. (Something special) Grimms! Hulking and Driller
+1. (Something even more specialer) PULP CITY MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will they be in order? Probably not. But they will ALL be finished by Dec 31st 2012!

Think I can do it?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!


  1. I just signed on for this as well, really, just as that extra ounce of motivation. Time to go dig through the queue to figure out what to roll with.

    1. What sort of minis are you going to do?
      Im the same with the motivation.


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