Saturday 21 January 2012

On the Painting Table - Monsters and Crusaders

Seeing I am manically painting every hour I can at the moment, meaning there isn't very much of interest getting blogged on here, I though I would at least let readers know what I'm actually doing.

Two Pulp City teams for the PAW 2012 con in 2 weeks.
The villainous 'Monsters of Mayhem' and the heroic 'Caped Crusaders'
Pics from here on in are of the official Pulp City studio models (click for larger views) With a note on who they are and how I'm painting them.

'Monsters of Mayhem' Level 9 Villains
Supreme Zed - Hero from another dimension who was killed and resurrected as a zombie by Dr Tenebrous to be part of his evil supreme team. Now almost indestructible.
Painting- Going for the obvious 'Superman' on this one. But dead.

Loup Garou II - Permanently transformed werewolf created by Doc Zombie. Second form after the first was killed by Red Riding Hoodoo.
Painting - Seeing this model can also be a Hero, I am going for the classic X-Man 'Beast'

Sanguine - Head of a dark corporation by day, rooftop leaping vampire by night.
Painting - My own take on the character in black, red and purple

Mourn - Eastern dictator covered in the tortured souls of his victims after being locked away in a different  dimensions prison
Painting - Going for a dark purple and faded look.

Tritonius - Half human, half Ulthar alien that draws power from water.
Painting - the 'Hulk' with a water theme. Green skin, purple shorts (obviously) and added blue.

Kitty Cheshire - Disappearing cat-woman that appeared from the 'Otherside' of a silver mirror. The only thing left after Dr.Hatter's asylum burnt down.
Painting - X-Mens 'Nightcrawler'. Minus the clothes

'Caped Crusader' Level 9 Heros
Solar - An ancient tiara gave him flight, strength and powers of the sun. But also a dark side
Painting - The 'Sentry'. With the power of a thousand exploding suns! And his own dark side.

Perun - Slavic god of thunder
Painting - This choice almost made itself. Anyone heard of 'Thor'?

Trail - Doctor and extremely powerful psychic. Uses his own technique called 'Trailblaseing' to set hallucinations in place in an enemies mind.
Painting - Macfarlanes 'Spawn'. Sometimes known a Hellspawn. The cape made me think of him the first time I spotted this model.

Harrier - Young flying mutant. Created by and hunting down Sanguine after he killed her parents.
Painting - Being a flying youngster, my Marvel fascination led me straight to 'Rouge'

Skyline - Scientist that created gadgets to help him control gravity in small areas. Then found himself fighting street crime.
Painting - As a rooftop vigilante he doesn't want to be seen. Black and midnight blue it is then.

Jade Hawk - Wronged by the legal system she has taken it upon herself to put away the people that deserve it
Painting - Another rooftop crime fighter and her name gave me a mix of black and dark greens.

And that's why I have paint up to my elbows!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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