Monday 16 January 2012

Is it Ant-Man?... Is it Giant-Man?... NO!.. It's CAPTAIN HADRON!!!

As I take a quick break from frantically paint minis and scenery for PAW 2012 in just 19 days I wanted to do a quick post about one of my favourite characters in Pulp City.
(click pics for larger views)

Captain Hadron
Hadron is a Lvl 2 Hero Supreme. He is also a key member of the cities most heroic team, Heavy Metal.
With the powers of molecular control, Hadron can shrink down to almost insect size or grow as tall as a tower block. Although he still doesn't have complete mastery of his skills.
At a push he can also control the size and density of allies and enemies alike.

A nice in game factor of this model is 3 different rules cards. 1 for each size.
Not matter what the situation, Hadron will have something that can help.
If you would like to see his full rules then head over to the Pulp City Forums

(Pulp City Studio model)

The standard 32mm scale size model is stunning. Created by the team of Vicente, James Van Schaik and Vesa.
On a 30mm base, he is full of detail and has a very 'different' pose to most other models out there which makes it stand out even more.
But you cant look a Captain Hadron without Mini Hadron and Giant Hadron as well.

(PC studio model)
Again on a 30mm base, this 10mm scale mini captures the same look, feel and pose of its larger version.
The first 10mm model I have ever tried to build and paint wasn't half as scary as I had imagined. A very clean copy with great detail made the job alot easier than I thought.
Now its time for the big guy.

(PC studio sculpt)
GIANT HADRON! On an 80mm base, this is one massive and impressive model. Although slightly different pose to the 2 smaller versions he still has just as much attention to detail and captures the character perfectly.

Time for the shot you have been waiting for. (and the main reason I wanted to write this post)
My own copies of all 3 models side by side.

Now you can really see the difference between them. I have based all 3 on the same base toppers from Fenris Games. Well, Giant Hadron has the same topper in the centre of his base anyway.

When I found out about this Supreme I knew there was only going to be 1 colour scheme for me to use. Red, Blue and Silver. Inspired by Marvels Hank Pym. Otherwise known as Ant-Man and Giant-Man.
I will show you how that works out very soon.

Looking back at the start of this post, I mention I have been painting.
Yes I know some of you may be shocked and some may not believe me at all but its true!
 See - \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ The current state of the painting table. Can you recognise any famous colour schemes?

That's long enough without a brush in hand.
Hendybadger Awaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!


  1. Great to see you painting. :)

    As for sculptor - It Is James Van Schaik, not Vincente. :)

    1. Painting every spare minute I have at the mo. Got a LOT of Supremes to get through.

      Thats my punctuation. Fixed now

  2. I too love the hadron and his normal version was my first rider off the store roll on payday so I can order giant hadron :)

    Everyone seems to be doing classic ant man I might try yellow jacket or the ultimates version on mine look forward to seeing more pics

    1. A Yellow Jacket Hadron would look amazing.
      Havent seen any other 'Ant-Man' Hadrons yet. Would love to see other peoples take on it though.
      Are there pics online somewhere?

    2. I mean the red and blue I think pulp citizens is red and blue and the official hadron is too.

    3. True. Never thought of that.
      Im going as close to the original scheme as possible

  3. Okay, enough is enough. What is the best way to start this system? Your posts have teased me enough and I now need to start this game.

    I want to learn the rules and give some demo games at my FLGS. I would appreciate some ideas for small balanced, yet fun teams.

    1. There are free PDF rules on but they are a littel out dated now. The new rules are much more streamlined. Givning a faster smoother game.
      If you really like the look of the game I would recommend ordering the hardback rulesbook. Not olny does it contain all the rules you will need, its also a stunning book with great artwork and brilliant background. You wouldnt regret buying it even if you didnt play.

      Model wise it's good to start with 2 or 3 minis a side. Either 1 lvl1 and 1 lvl2 or 1 lvl1 and 2 lvl2s. Stick with just normal Heros and Villains (not hero/villains) to begin with while learning.
      Thre are a couple of Supremes that work better in certain situations or larger teams but just pick the ones you like and you should be fine.
      You can find the rules for 90% of the Supremes on the Pulp City forums for free if you want to read them or proxy before buying.

      If you want some more precise team ideas, take a look at the Pulp City site and tell us the Supremes you like. Can probably help more then.

    2. The rulebook is out of stock at the moment I am hoping a couple go up soon so I can order it.

    3. The Monsters are back up for sale again now and the new wave of models will be soon. So I expect the rules wont be far off.

    4. Thanks for the tips. I will check out the model range again to see who I want to pick up.

    5. Feel free to come back with any questions or for any help and ideas

  4. Hi, I can't find the Tale of Painters banner on your blog. Please add it (and maybe add us to your blog roll, too) so I can add you to the Network.

    1. Sorry about that Stahly. Thought I had added them both already.
      Logo up and blog added now though.

  5. @ishibei and @Gigawatts.
    I have been informed this morning that there will be a new and updated rules PDF to download when the site is updated soon


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