Saturday 21 January 2012

There's Monsters in the Mail. Arrgggggh!

In the mail this morning was a very nice box of toys from Pulp Monsters. Producers of Pulp City.
Along with some more Supremes I have been after, there was something much bigger.
A Pulp City MONSTER kit!
This is going to be fun with the new monsters rules for PC that are out soon.
(click pics to view larger)
(the official pics from the Pulp City site)

After taking out all the individual parts I thought I would show you all whats in the kit.
First up is a pic of all the main parts. There are a few smaller bits but I forgot to take them out of the bag.
The kit has all the parts to make 4 different monsters. 2 beasts and 2 elder gods. But all the parts can be mixed and matched as you please.
The detail on these parts is amazing. Most of the body is covered with very fine scales that are all cast perfectly. There wasn't much flash and only a few tabs. And its HUGE!!!!!
I thought the online pics looked good but getting this model in my own hands just made me love it even more.

Here are the 4 basic set ups for the kit. With a 30mm base Captain Hadron and an 80mm base Giant Hadron for scale.

Giant Reptile / Dionsaur

Sea Creature

Lovecraftian Chtulu style God

Demonic Satan like Creature

My first is going to be built as the Reptile and the next one will be the Demon. But looking at all the other parts, I now want to buy another 2!

Shhhh, don't tell Mrs Badger.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!


  1. I wont tell if you send me that kit!

    1. I would send it but Im sure there is some sort of 'Mailing Monsters Internationaly' law

  2. Yeah. They come with a flat topped, round edged 80mm base.
    Although Im using 80mm DS bases from Fenris to match the rest of my collection


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