Sunday 1 January 2012

What do you want to see on ToaTS in 2012?

To start off with, Happy New Year to all readers, viewers, random clickers, linked blogs and blog networks.

Over the last couple of months there have been some major changes in my life.
I am now a daddy as you may have seen to little James. 6 weeks old. (This is why there has been more news than anything else on here recently. Hooby time got cut)

I am also no longer a Press Ganger for Privateer Press. With so much going on I just couldnt fit everything thing in so thought it fair to resign and let someone thats has more free time take on the position.
(If your in cornwall and love PP, go for the PG apllication)
I will still be playing Warmachine and Hordes with my Talion Pirates and Blindwater Gators though. Cant wait for Roci and the new Gator Beasts to come out.
The new releases, previews and any events I attend will still be here aswell.

The site address '' will stay the same for a couple of reasons.

1- I love anything to do with Pirates! In fact some people say I even have Pirate OCD. Also plan to cover some Piratey games like Cutlass, Legends of the High Seas, Freebooters Fate, Ron + Bones, Uncharted Seas and Trafalgar.
2- Looking at the stats on this page there are links to different posts all over the place. Changing the addresss would stop all these working and thats not fair to people who want to follow any of them.

After all of this you may have noticed a name change. This blog is now Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher.

Right, onto the main point if this post,

What do you want to see on Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher in 2012? 
(before the world ends that is) 
More news?
My own models, projects and terrain?
Certain games? Pulp City, Relics, WarmaHordes etc
Or anything else you can think of

Looking forward to seeing what you want.

Hendybadger out


  1. Well, I love seeing all the Pulp City stuff, of course. :D

    Also, I cant wait for more of the Tor Gaming stuff. Little publishers and indy games, please!

    Also, how-tos, where to find, etc.

    Thanks for doing your blog, Mr. Hendybadger!

  2. Ask and ye shall recieve Mr Varagon Sir. :)

    The will definatly be more Pulp City. Still got alot of work to do on my models and scenery and afew minis I dont have, yet. (Even picked up a new monster today. First of many)
    Taking PC to 2 big cons in the next few months aswell.

    Cutlass by Black Scorpion is also another game from a small Indy company I want to get running in the area.
    And more new scenery from Sarissa Precision in the near future.

    I have another Relics review lined up soon. Orcnar this time.
    Is there any of the Relics stuff you would specificaly like covered?

    What sort of things would you like to see covered in the 'how-to' and 'where to find' articles?

    To top it all off for now, how does some creepy Malifaux and semi-cuddly Puppet Wars sound? With added Ltd Ed models.

  3. In regards to the Relics stuff, I don't care...I'm jealous I didn't get selected as a reviewer, but I like all of it!

  4. My advice would be write about things that you love. Obviously as long as it's hobby related!!! lol. Just having a flick through some of your previous articles now. Aldo if you like your pirates as you say (who doesn't?) I've got an article or two coming up on Freebooters Fate. plus I'll be doing one on Cutlass.

  5. Glad you said hobby related Frontline. Could get wierd otherwise. :)
    Will definatly keep an eye out for those


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