Wednesday 4 January 2012

Pulp City Highways Agency have been hard at work + PC Mini Exchange

As you can see in the title, the Pulp City Highways Agency dont get much of a break over the holidays.
Ok, maybe it wasnt them. Maybe it was me,

I have been working on road tiles for my Pulp board. Using the Fat Dragon Games, Catipal City set I decided to go for 7.5" squares.
The recommened size for a game is 30"x30". 16 tiles.
But I also wanted enough for a full 4'x4' board with options.

Ended up with a whopping 64 tiles! (whoops, went over the top a little)
To show the scale I have included 30mm, 40mm and 80mm bases. Plus the massive Sarissa Precision warehouse.

They have all been mounted on a thick backing card. The kind used for portfolios.
Sounds easy doesnt it!
Trying to cut thick card into 64 perfect squares that will butt up to each other takes a long time! Binned atleast a dozen.

There are 5 different styles in the set with options to make loads of little detail changes before printing. Giving you 1000s of combinations. From clean new roads to broken, littered streets with chalk outlines.
Im sort of guessed at how many of each to do. The junctions and crossroads wont need too many of each. So most of them are straight roads and filler pavements with afew corners.

How about a look at how they lay out then?
A 30"x30" board. The recommended size for most Pulp City games. Not really set out to play on. Just put a load together.

After that I decided to expand it a little. Full sixe 4'x4' board.

These are going to be the base of the Pulp City board for the PAW convention next month.
And what else will it include?
A whole city section of Sarissa buildings, a park area with memorial fountain, an urban canal and LOTS of other bits and pieces.

I will post up the other parts as I work on them but the entire setup wont be seen until PAW weekend (which I will also report on here)

Now, what about that mini exchange in the title?

Varagon, from the Pen and Lead Blog is organising a mini exchange between members of the Pulp city forums.
I think this is a great idea so had my name down right away. If you want to take part or just see whats going on, follow the blog link above.

Hendybadger Awwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy!!!!!


  1. boards look great...very inspirational :)

    mini exchange could be fun too

  2. Looking forward to getting this board finished (if it ever will be) and the mini exchange


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