Saturday 7 January 2012

Had a switch around. What do you think?

Hi all,
I have been having a play with the sizing and layout of the blog today.

What do you think of the changes?
Is there anything else you would suggest I do?



  1. Looks fine to me. :)

    The only thing as a reader is that I would like the blog archive (listing your posts) higher up the page. Stuff like that and labels are both things I find important when reading any blog (and don't get me started on bloggers who miss off including a labels list gadget.... LOL!), since it helps me navigate recent or related material (in addition to the spiffy LinkWithin gadget).

  2. Fiddking with blog layouts can be a tricky thing to get right. I eventually gave up trying to make my blog look fancy and left it minimalist... OK, OK... basic looking! lol. I think your blog looks fine though. Things are easy to find and it's well laid out. Still looking back through your archives!!! :)

  3. On a personal preference level, yes; everyone else's opinions may differ. :)

  4. I have played about with it afew times before but this is the most major remodel.

    If you find anything in the archives that you think needs an update or similar, please point it out.
    Theres alot of gibberish in there but Im sure there is also afew interesting bits.


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