Monday 30 January 2012

Relics Rulebook PDF now on Wargame Vault

(direct from the Tor Gaming blog)

We have been thinking about how to handle the Relics rulebook and force lists. With the addition of the Nuem list we have had to look at what we have and if we really want to continue down the route of a single book with full lists in.

We don’t plan on stopping at four factions by the way (I’m actually writing profiles for faction 5 right now, and making notes for faction 6 to be written up as profiles once faction 5 is done) so having them all in a single book seems wrong to me.

We have asked for feedback on some options on our forum and social media. Thanks for all the thoughts posted about this by all your guys out there, I truly do appreciate your input.
The option we look to be taking is this:
The rulebook will include:
  • Full game rules.
  • 28,000 words of world history and fiction. Bazinga!!
  • The profiles from the Canned Armies for the first four factions, plus a second commander. That is 6 profiles for the first four factions.
Then we will follow that up with a expansion book that will include:
  • More specific faction histories.
  • New fluff – Dan has just been given a lot of extra stuff to write. Mwhahahahahaha
  • The remainder of the factions profiles bringing each faction up to 13 profiles
Then for additional factions, we will releases books that contain all the profiles for two factions, plus all the background and fluff for both those factions. That is two factions in a single book.

In addition to that, we will be giving a cut down version away for free. This will include the profiles from the Starter Cans and will not include Magic, Morale, Command or Lingering Effects.

We won’t be able to put in artwork for each profile. Some people have said we should have artwork on each profile, and I couldn’t agree more with them except as we just don’t have it and can’t afford to have it all done right now. We are kind of doing that as we go along.

The free version and the main rules version books are now available through Wargame Vault as pdfs. We are looking at printed copies too for those that really must have a printed copy and for the shops to carry.
Get Relics on the Wargames Vault

There are several reasons for dealing through Wargame Vault with the PDFs:
  • By buying the rules via Wargames Vault, you will get free access to all new versions of that edition that we release. Therefore, if we need to make amendments to the text, you get a free copy of the amended pdf. Always be up to date.
  • I believe we are in a great time for digital media and would strongly recommend people get a tablet for storing and using pdf rulebooks on. You can carry hundreds of the pdfs with you and they are all instantly searchable for something that weighs less than a single hardback.
The free pdf we released previously is now no longer available for download. If you have it, you will find some of the profile points have changed.
You can download the free starter rules, or purchase the full rules for the princely sum of $10 (£6.32) from Wargame Vault now!
Get Relics on the Wargames Vault


  1. I just picked up the free edition on WGV. Now to have a look through and see what it's like.

    1. i have had a look at it and it seems quite good. Not managed to play it yet though

  2. Looks intriguing, but will probably unfortunately fall into the bracket of not having time to play it! Heck, pulp city is like that for me at the moment so that's the priority!

    1. I have the same problem.
      Too many games, not enough time


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