Saturday 14 January 2012

Model Review: Relic Orcnar Unmann from Tor Gaming

There are few things as unsettling as the blood curdling battle cries of the Unmann. They are the most common subspecies of the Orcnar and despite their limited capacity to reproduce; they manage to sustain a healthy population.

The Unmann adopt a primal approach to warfare and trust in their claws and teeth to slash and tear away at those who dare venture into their territories. They are a savage and ferocious opponent to face and generally prefer close quarter fighting to all other forms of combat

The physical make up of the Unmann varies vastly from one warrior to the next; some of them will grow to full maturity within a matter of hours of spawning while the more unfortunate mutant throwbacks of the breed will die within the same amount of time. It is this ‘survival of the strongest’ attitude that underlies all values of the Orcnar society.

Despite their perceived low level of intelligence, their enemies need to be cautious not to underestimate them. There are few creatures in the world that can withstand the charge of a hungry Unmann who has caught the smell of blood in his nostrils.

Details: Measuring: ~32mm floor to eye. Models can be assembled into 9 different poses (separate left arms.

Pack contains 3 multipart pewter miniatures. Miniatures require assembly and painting. Painting materials are not included. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts and pointed components 

I had hoped to get this post up a while back but its finally here.
Tor Gaming - Relics review No3. The Orcnar Unmann.
Lets start of by taking a look at what you get in the pack.
(click pics to view larger)

Packed in the standard clear blister you get 3 hulking great 30mm based models. Each with a very different pose.
Here are some shot of each individual model

The detail on these models is fantastic. All 3 have VERY different looks to them but at the same time, tie in with each other perfectly.
At this point it was time for the pre build clean up.

The mold line were minimal. As you can see above, they ran up the sides of each mini. On the flat muscle area they were simple to get rid of in a couple of minutes. And the lines over the armour/scales were barely visible. A quick run over with a small file and all were gone.
Next came building. With each only in 2 pieces it was difficult to work out where bits went. :)
The arm joints did take abit of work to fit well though. Even after some filing away there were still gaps.
You do get them on a lot of metal models so it wasn't a huge problem. With a bit of Green Stuff or your putty of choice the joins wont be seen at all.
And how do these models look when built?

Overall, these are some very nice minis. The detail is impressive and the look and feel of these Orcnar troops is so different to the other Relics races and a great take on the hulking brutes in fantasy games.
I would highly recommend these models if the Orcanr take you fancy. You wont regret it. The pictures speak for them selves this time.
Looking forward to getting them painted up.

The final result ...... 7 out of 10

They would have been an 8 if it wasn't for the arms. Anyone that has built a metal mini before shouldn't have any problem at all with that though.

If you want to know more about the Orcnar or any other races in Relics then check out the Tor Gaming site

Until next time
Hendybager out

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