Wednesday 11 January 2012

Relics Mini Previews + Comp from Tor Gaming

There have been some very nice new models appear over the the Tor Gaming Site

First up, the Britanan Sergeant Major

A very charcterful and great looking mini. When I finally get my Britanan force up and running I WILL be getting this one. I dont know how but Tor Gaming have actually managed to get emotion into a PUPPET!

Orcnar Niwian

Quite different to the other Orcnar model. But In a good way I think. Where they usually look like brutes, the Niwian looks like the brains of the operarion and a force leader.

Vaettir Evocatour

The Vaettir have to be my favourite force in Relics. I love every single model and this one is no exception.
The elemental and nature look that can be seen in the Vaettir is very effective and has been pulled off very well.

Want to try and WIN one of these minis before it is released?
Head over the the Tor Gaming Blog for more info.

Keep an eye on Tales of a TS over the next couple of days for a new Relcs Review. Orcner this time.

Hendybadger out


  1. stop trying to tempt me with cool looking models......:)

    I'm waiting for the clockwork looking dudes....;)

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