Sunday 27 January 2013

Pulp City - Preview, New Releases and PAW Update

The Pulp City Facebook Page has had some very interesting news on it today.
First up is the above picture. Guerilla 2!
This resculpt of one of the earliest Pulp City models (below) is stunning and in my opinion, a massive improvement!
It has been mentioned that Guerilla 2 might be available for a couple of people taking part in the Pulp City Supreme Edition Open Beta starting next week!

They have also announced the start of a new wave of releases. These will be coming out in individual blisters, EVERY MONTH, starting in Feb.
The releases for the entire year are already set and the models for the November wave are being cast up this week!

February - Green Emperor and the Terror Cotta Warrios for Jade Cult

March - V.H (no picture yet) and Blacksmith for Blood Watch

April - Red Bella and the 3 Primates of Power for ARC

May - Papa Zombie and Comte Vendredi for the Coven

June onwards - who knows?
Some goodies will be available early at Salute 2013 and they may even be on sale over that weekend online for those that aren't going. Yay!

A little bit of info found on Facebook today also says there will be 'Build Our Own Supreme' rules coming in 2014 for Supreme Edition!

As for the update mentioned, The Hairy Painter has been had at work with the Supreme for PAW 2013!

They are looking amazing!
Cant wait for PAW!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. what is all this stuff?? it looks amazing! Why not come and join our blog roll at:
    We would love to have you there!

    1. It is the awesomeness that is PULP CITY!
      Come over and joined!

  2. Nice figures, I really like that robochimp

    1. The Primates of Power are going to be great!


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