Wednesday 9 January 2013

Tabletop Art - Crystal Tech Energetic Vault

Recently I had contact (using the Contact Hendybadger link to the right) from the guys at Tabletop Art suggesting I check out their website. They thought I would like some of the scenery and bases they make. They were right!
When they then said to pick some things I like the look of to review on the site I was spoilt for choice!
One thing stood out above all the other goodies though.

Crystal Tech - Energetic Vault

Looking at this awesome scenery piece in the above pictures it would be a PERFECT objective for a Necron force or to build a Tomb World around. As I don't collect 40K, I had a different idea. 
With crystal powered ancient tech being a big thing in Deep Wars, if this was textured a little and painted up in stone it would make a great underwater energy source!

The Vault comes in a sturdy card box with a full colour photo of 2 different views on the front. No mistaking what you are going to get.
When you open the box you find these pieces above. A base, crystal column, 4 supports and a top. All are in resin.
The top and bottom are flat and blank underneath. They didn't need any cleaning up at all as they were perfectly cast. The supports have a little extra resin on the bottom that needed clipping off but as that is where they glue in there is not need to clean it up any more than that.

30mm base for scale
The supports also had a slight mould line running around the thin edges that will need cutting back a little with a hobby knife if you want a perfectly smooth surface for a Necron piece. But as I wanted it rougher anyway, this wasn't really a problem.
The crystal column had a litte flash (thin extra resin) around the ends but that came off just by running my finger over it. As a thin resin piece it wasn't totally straight. when dry fitting the piece I found I had to heat the centre of the crystal a little to bend it straight. I was only a couple of mm though. Nothing major.
There parts didn't have any bubbles or miscasts that you often find with resin which was a great thing.

Onto the building!

The Vault went together perfectly once I have bent the crystals a little. The supports fit snug into the base and the top just rests on them. I did glue it on though so it didn't fall off and get damaged.

As you can see by the good Doctor (28mm mini, 30mm base) beside it, the Energetic Vault is a BIG piece of scenery. With thin supports and a flat top it means it is also a piece of scenery you can play 'on' or 'in' instead of just around.
Personally I will probably cut off the cables on the bottom and give it a VERY light coat of texture for a worn granite or marble effect. It will have been under the sea for 100s of years so isn't going to look perfect!

Price - The Vault comes in at roughly £14 from Tabletop Art. I doubt you will find a detailed piece of resin scenery the same size anywhere else for that price. I was honestly surprised when I looked at how much it was. I expected around £30 minimum.
You can also find an entire range of Crystal Tech scenery and bases to go with it.

Overall - The Energetic Vault is very different from a lot of scenery you see on the market. It would be at home on a Necron board, as ancient tech or even in a mad scientists lab.
With the size, quality, detail and price I am seriously impressed. It is actually as good as it looks!

9 out of 10 Badger Points
If the supports needed less cleaning and the crystal didn't need bending it would have been 10! I really do like it that much!

Check back next week for a look at the Tabletop Art Gabion terrain .

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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