Saturday 12 January 2013

Dire Fish Lizard and a Brute!

Above and below you can see the WIPs of the Dire Fish Lizard from Antimatter Games Deep Wars Kickstarter
A stunning sculpt and I cant wait to get my hands on a couple of these to stalk the forces on the Deep Wars board.

This is the original artwork-

Next up is the finished sculpt for the Dagathonan Brute for the Scaly Horde. This one was created by Sergio Alonso Leon (A name I recognise from the recently shown Pulp City Supreme Alliance)
Finished Green and art below

If you like what you see but missed the Kickstarter, you can still get in on the action with Antimatter Games new Pre Order Pledge System which gives you the same great deals as the Kickstarter did.

What does this system mean for AMG and yourself though?

Customers get cheaper minis than if you bought them from the AMG store. You also get FREE minis as part of the higher pledge levels. The shipping also works out cheaper which is another bonus.
All pledges are totalled up and keep working towards unlocking more stunning models for the game, just like stretch goals on a Kickstarer campaign.
(You can see the first couple of goals below)

For Antimatter it means a higher chance of sales due to the lower prices and 'goals' which in turn means more to invest in the expansion of the game and creation of new models.

Its a WIN/WIN for everybody involved!

Head over to the Pre Order and Kickstarter to check out whats on offer and help this awesome underwater game reach the next model unlocks

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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    1. "You can see his stripes but you know hes clean"

      It really is an awesome range


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