Friday 4 January 2013

Fenris Games - Post Apocalypse Bases

With the recent release of the Pulp City Monsters expansion and the open beta for the new addition right around the corner, you will be seeing a lot more Pulp City on this blog over the next few months.
Because of that I thought I would take a look at some more if the resin bases I will be using.

I have already shown the Secret Weapon Urban and Flagstone bases so its time to check out the ones I use more than any others.

Fenris Games Post Apocalypse Bases

Over the last couple of years I have been using the Fenris Games Post Apoc base toppers but I recently found out that they do the same designs in full bases.
A set of these were up as a prize in the Paint the City Pink auctions and were won by Bubba Ho Tep from the Kentucy Fried Gamers Youtube page, as Bubba is a good friend I took some sneaky photos before sending them off.

Lets take a look at each size starting with the largest

80mm Post Apoc bases 
(painted pic at top of post)

In the 80mm sets you get 2 bases of different designs. Both have a look of broken brick and tarmac. Maybe a pavement or edge of a road even.
The detail is an extremely high quality. Sharp edges on the slabs and texture on every single piece.
The sides of the bases are perfectly smooth, as are the bottoms.

You may think that 80mm is a bit of an odd size but there are now several games that use it. The main one for me will be Pulp City Monsters as they will all be based on these
The Post Apoc range is perfect for any modern era, near future, industrial or urban games.
With mixed details on each base you could face models in different directions and use the same set several time with out any looking like they are standing in the same place.
 If you have a model that big, you don't want it to be on a plain and boring base do you? Grab a couple of these to make it stand out!

On the Fenris Games Store this pack comes in at £6.50. For the size, detail and weight of these I think that is an absolute bargain.
I would love to see a couple more designs in the future but that Is only because I have about 20 Monsters that need basing.
9 out of 10 Badger Points!

40mm Post Apoc Bases

In the 40mm set you get a selection of 8 different bases. These keep the same theme as the 80mm ones but add several more details.
Wooden posts, fallen brick walls, curbs, drains and even a sinkhole.
Once again they are extremely high detail. Loads of texture, sharp edges and the sides are bottom are nice and smooth.

This set adds even more to the urban and industrial look of the range.
I love the fallen walls as they let you add in some different brickwork colours and the drains are a nice sharp metal opposite to the rubble.
8 designs with mixed details again allow you to place different models on the same base without ever looking like they are just copies.
Although there is lots of detail on these I have found that them don't seem to draw away from minis used on them. I don't know how Fenris have managed to pull this off, but glad they have.

A bag of 8 will cost you around £5.50. I have seen sets like this go for £10 or more in other places for less designs so £5.50 is beyond a bargain! Especially for the quality.
My only fault with this set is that the sinkhole goes all the way through one base. You will need to fill the bottom or will see the playing surface underneath.
9 out of 10 Badger Points

30mm Post Apoc Bases
(I couldn't find a painted picture of these anywhere)

The 30mm sets gives you 12 different designs in the bag.
These keep with the same design elements as the bigger sets but start to add in some more personal details like a cap and handbag.
They also include some different floor effects like cobblestones and flatter slabs and a section of wall still standing.
The quality is just as good even though they are smaller. Sharps edges, nice textures and smooth sides and bottoms. (snigger)

I don't think I can keep repeating myself by telling you how good these are.
The same good points apply and I honestly cant find a SINGLE problem with the 30mm set.

12 bases will cost you around £4.99 from Fenris Games. £4.99? That's madness! I have seen pack of 8 designs in places for over £10. How on earth do Fenris manage to dish out this high a quality at such a low price? I'm not going to complain though, just going to keep buying them before they notice they could get even more for them!
10 out of 10 Badger Points

The Post Apoc range by Fenris Games have to be my favourite base sets on the market. That's not a little statement either seeing there are 1000s out there.
The design, quality and price are all amazing. Plus Fenris are awesome to deal with.
Only 2 little niggles on the range but they are more personal preference and greediness on my part wanting more so I don't think I can count them.

10 out of 10 Badger Points!

I cant recommend these enough. Go buy some!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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