Tuesday 29 January 2013

Pulp City Supreme Edition - A Look at the Cards

The team at Pulp City have posted up their next article in the build up to PC Supreme Edition.
This time is a look at the new card designs.
You find find the Editorial Eye #3 post >HERE< and I have also copied it below.


Time to look at the Supreme Cards (details may still vary after the open beta):

Looks familiar? Good!
This is the side you will be seeing when buying a blister. It tells you pretty much everything that you need to recruit the model.
By looking at the card, you know Howler’s Level, faction and subfaction. The new things: base size, Minion+(how many Minion levels the Supreme brings to the team – yes, Resources you knew are gone) and AP+ (how many AP does the Supreme generate for team – gone is the old mechanic of level based AP generation).

Now, let’s turn the card to its gaming side.
The beauty of the new PC cards is that all info is one side of it. You will waste no time flipping the cards.

Let’s look at the top bar (the dark grey). Each model has its type clearly stated: Howler is Living, but you will also find Non-Living, Mechanical, E.T. and Outsider or any combination of them. This allows you quickly to assess what models get affected by certain Actions. The new icon represents movement – now Supremes and Minions will have different movement values – previous Blitzer bonuses are incorporated in one stat. Howler can Sprint – which is a default movement type – but other Supremes will be able to Fly, Blink, Bound or Wallcrawl.

Each Supreme comes with a selection of Powers. The first one is always a Role Power, so Howler will share his Blaster Power with Ace of Wraiths, Tangent and other Blasters. Then each Supreme gets one Power per level. One for Howler, sorry amigo. As you see in his case, he may still do what he used to do (and much more as you will soon find out) but there is much less text on the card to go through.

The light grey area might be something of a surprise to all Pulp City players. Gone are skills and team powers, welcome Powers section that combines both and puts all of the needed information on the card and not inside the book.

But first, Actions. Each Supreme has access to 3 Actions. There are no universal Actions anymore. But the way Actions work now (see next Editorial Eye), you actually end up having more choices then before. Howler can blast his guns with two Projectile Actions and surprise his enemies with a Reaction when Targeted by enemy (Reaction is a new type of Action that may be triggered when models are charged, shot at etc.).

Catch the next Editorial Eye to get familiar with the Action Roll – probably the biggest change to the game mechanics.


What do you think of these changes to Pulp City so far then?

Pulp have also continued to post more background stories. This week it is the turn of the little guy, Le Murtiple of ARC (link) 

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Excited yet nervous i hope it all turns out well for the game and i hope it gains popularity.

    1. What are you nervous about?
      The new rules are fantastic!

  2. Loving the changes. Not happy I now have a shiny nearly new pulp city rule book that's going to be useless. I take it they will do a card exchange for all us with tons of existing models?

    1. Its only an Open Beta at the moment. Full official rules and a book will be a few months away. The current book is the only place you can find all that fluff and artwork though.
      Morf said there will be cards packs at mega-low prices. Just production and shipping costs.

  3. Looks great and seems like it will be useful.

    1. I can't wait to play a game and not have to keep turning the card over and reading walls of text for each Action.

  4. I have a copy of the current rulebook which has sadly only been played a few times. There are lots of good bits of fluff in it, but it's a bit of a shame.

    The new cards do look much better. I hope at least that Pulp Monsters will provide a free download for the new cards like the Bushido guys did. It'd be a real shame to require people who've already invested in the game to buy new rules and new cards.

    1. As I mentioned above, a new book is a way off yet. But in my opinion, all the original fluff and artwork is a great reason to have a copy.

      I think the cards are stunning. The Open Beta will have card downloads but they may not be the full-colour ones above. There was talk of a downloadable card pack but I haven't heard anymore on that front recently. I'm sure they would do it if enough people wanted it. They did post all the current cards on the forums.
      Replacement cards will be very cheap if you want proper copies though.


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