Thursday, 23 October 2014

Knight Models Batman / DC Review - Two Face / Black Mask Mobsters

Today is the first Knight Models review here which doesn't actually look at ANY Supers models. Instead we have some Elite goons for Two Face and Black Mask to use in the Batman Minis Game.

Elite Mobsters

The Mobsters come in the standard KM packaging. A clamsell blister with the pieces held in tightly with foam.
Instead of a separate display sheet, one side of each game card shows nicely painted examples of the models within.

Inside you will find two 35mm scale, highly detailed metal Mobsters ( Boris and Dirty Tom), two 30mm round edged bases and a game card for each figure.
As you can see above on the right, the cards are a new side opening style. An older Batman card is on the left for comparison.
I wont go in to the rules too deeply as I want to look at the crews bit by bit at a later date. But, these Mobsters work for Two Face, Black Mask and the upcoming Mafia crew. Both Boris and Dirty Tom are Elite Gangsters, this means you can only take one at a time unless you have an Elite Leader for Gangsters. So far, the only models with that rule are Two Face and Black Mask.
Boris is 33 Rep and Dirty Tom is 32 Rep with a combined Funding cost of $550. So to take both you need at least a medium sized 300 Rep game.

On to the models themselves.

Boris (left) is a single piece mini while Dirty Tom (right) comes in 3 pieces, Body, head and gun / arms. There are small mould lines around each part but they are easy to remove with a small file. Take care across the clothing though as the lines run straight across several folds.

Glue time.

Boris on the left was obviously easy to build being a single piece model but at the same time, Dirty Tom was almost as easy. The parts just dropped right in to place. There is a tiny gap behind his head but no more than most other metal models get.
The sculpts are very nice and clean and get the feel of old school Mobsters across really well. The faces on each do seem a little low on detail though compared to KMs usual standards. Not too bad as they are under hats although a little more detail would be nice. The gun are on Boris seems to be at a little bit of a funny angle as well. I think I may try and bend it up a little to have the gun pointing straighter.

As usual I have based these on the Fenris Game Post Apoc base toppers to match in with everything else.

As these don't have any certain markings on them, some people may want to use them in other games.
For scale, here they are next to a well known Outerspace Soldier. Remember though, the base toppers also add height.
I can see them fitting in with anything 30mm scale or larger, but at 28mm or smaller they will look too out of place.

The pack of two in most online shops sits around the £12 mark. £6 a piece for a larger scaled metal model isn't bad in my eyes.

Overall, I like the Mobsters. But, they probably wouldn't be my first choice of models for a Two Face or Black Mask crew. They are more like extra options.
If the poses and faces were a little better, I would have picked up a couple of sets though.
Score time.....

6.5 out of 10 Badger Points
(6 seemed too low but 7 too high)

Next time I will take a look at some of the objects you can pick up to use in game.

- Hendybadger


  1. I'm afraid even the painted version look rather "Mergh" to me. Not impressed with either their posing or sculpting. I doubt Knight Models would have the rep for quality which they have if these had been part of their initial releases!?! Thanks for the review. Much appreciated.

    1. Luckily these seem to be the exception to the rule. They do fit with the Two Face style though which helps.

  2. Given their size I don't know that I would use the base toppers, but if you're aiming for consistency with your other models I certainly understand that. They really do look a little generic, but I suppose that's exactly what they are, even if they do have profiles for the Batman game. As Blaxkleric mentioned, these two models certainly wouldn't be the ones that would draw me to Knight Models.

    1. The toppers were just to match the rest of the collection. It does mean no crossing over in to other games though.
      I hope the rest of the Mafia look a bit nicer.


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