Saturday, 25 October 2014

Review - Batman Game Lamp Posts, Sewers and Objectives

For this Knight Models review I'm going to take a look at something a little different. Lamp Posts, Sewers and Objectives. All of these are used in the game rules and these packs are physical representations so you don't have to just use counters or markers.

With the Batman Minis Game being set at night, Lamp Posts are very handy. Each player gets to place D3 on the gaming table. These light up the immediate area around them and make models in that area easier to see / shoot at.
Each player also gets D3 Sewers. These let one model at a time move around the board from one marker to another. Opponents can block the exits though so watch who you send down there.

For the Objectives, each player gets to pick 3 of the 4 types and place them in or near the opponents deployment zone.
Loot gives bonus Victory Points to the crew that hold it. Riddles might give extra VP depending on a dice roll and number guess. Ammo Crates give extra Ammo Magazines to models that start the game with a limited number. Titan Canisters are single use and up all of a character basic stats by 1 for the turn.
Some characters like Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler and Mr Freeze can effect these objectives in different ways with their own rules.

Both of these sets come in standard blister packs with the parts held in with a large block of foam. The display car on the other side shows nice painted versions of the contents.
Inside you will find.....

2 Gotham City sewer covers, 2 Lamp Posts with street bases, Riddler Trophy, Loot / Money bag, Ammo Crates and a Titan canister. You will notice that the Objectives come with 30mm round bases but the Lamps and Sewers do no. You will need to find some extras or take off the tabs on the bases.

For the Lamps and Sewers I decided to dig out some extra bases so they matched the Objectives. There were barely any mould lines on them so it was straight to building.
The Sewers are perfect fit inside the lip of a 30mm bases. The Lamps took a little more effort as they needed to be kept straight until they had dried. Next time I will probably pin them as that would have made it a lot easier.

A quick scale shot with Arkham City Batman.

The Objectives were very easy to do. Minimal mould lines around them and each are a single piece. I have removed the base tabs and mounted them on Fenris Games Post Apoc base toppers to match the rest of my collection.
While the Ammo Crates, Loot and Riddle look really nice, I wasn't too impressed with the Titan Canister. Its a very plain piece that needs any details painted on to it. I would have preferred it if the 'Titan' logo and side markings were part of the sculpt.
Below is Arkham Batsy for scale again. (Sorry for the slightly blurry pic but you get the idea)

Both of these sets can be picked up from several stores for around the £6.50 mark. You can't beat that for some official scenery and objectives.

These two packs can really add the right looks and feel to your Gotham game board while being useful pieces and removing the need to counters that look out of place. I would recommend picking these up from the start if you want to play the Batman Minis game.
The down sides I can see are that you will need bases from the Lamps and Sewers and to paint the details onto the Titan Canisters. Not too bad all in all.

Taking that all into consideration, my final score for both sets together is.......

8 out of 10 Badger Points
Bases and more detail would have made a full 10!

What's coming up next? No idea. Suggestions?
While you're thinking why not head over and check out the rest of the Knight Models Goodies!

- Hendybadger


  1. I was probably just going to pick up some non-official lamp posts, because really. But: they sell them two per pack? And each person can bring up to three? That's... annoying.

    1. This is the second set. The first does have 3 of each in.

  2. Some very nice looking accessories. I don't think I would base the sewer covers, but everything else looks great on those bases!

    1. I only based those to match everything else. Might paint the bases in road colours though.


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