Thursday, 16 October 2014

Deadpool, Batgirl and Black Mask Join new Knight Models Marvel + DC Releases

 Knight Models have just posted up the new 35mm Marvel and DC releases. And they are STUNNING!

First up is the one mini I have been waiting for. Not only since I found out about the Marvel range, but for years. DEADPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wade Wislon (not Slade, sore subject) looks fantastic and I can't wait for the Supers rules to be able to get him on the table. But, what colours do I use? Red and back, X-Force, X-Men?

The Batman Minis Game gets a character that people have wanted since day one. Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl. A new Sidekick for Batman and the Law Forces. You can see her full rules under 'Attatchments' HERE (link).
The mini looks to be full of movement and actions. Great pose.

The new crew for the Batman game is Black Mask and his Thugs, Anatoly, Mesh and a general Goon.
I wasn't sure if I wanted this as I have so many crews already, but one look at the models landed it on my shopping list straight away.
All rules can be found under the 'Attatchments' heading HERE (link)

 The final unseen release this month is a set of Joker HAHA! markers. Perfect for use as action or special counters in the game.

These all go along with the previews we have posted over the last week of Venom, Huntress and the Wayne / Queen Containers and Boxes.

Head over and check out the Knight Models Page for prices.

Which is your favorite?

- Hendybadger


  1. I resisted Knight Models for so long, but they just keep coming out with winners over and over.

    1. I resisted until the Marvel stuff appeared.

  2. The models are gorgeous and just scream to spend hours painting them.
    But the rules are a bit too unbalanced for me and don't really inspire me to get started. At least, that is my opinion after reading them. I have yet to play a game.

    1. What do you find unbalanced about the rules?

    2. The rules really put me off to initially. However, I think that might be the translation issue as they're quite a dry read.

      I've found that they're worth persevering with.

    3. Have you checked out the latest 1.3 version?

  3. Oh if only I could afford these. They're just too expensive. :( Beautiful looking models though.

    1. The way I look at it is they are no more expensive than a 40K or Warmachine character. You just need a lot less to play.


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