Friday 19 August 2011

Sturm & Drang Official Preveiw and Fluff

Privateer have made one Badger very happy today with the official preveiw of the new Minions Farrow Warlock from Domination. Models PP page and 360 Veiw Here

Sturm & Drang

The monstrous creation called Sturm and Drang is proof of Dr. Arkadius’ mad genius. The key to this breakthrough was placing two strong wills in opposition. Psychic feedback crackles between their minds, driving them into a battle frenzy of escalating power. Engineered to dominate and subjugate, the pair have perfect command over the war hogs of the farrow and can unleash magic of mind-rending power and explosive force.

What a stunning model. Really looking forward to getting my hands on this beast.
And a great bit of fluff about him aswell. Hints at a Beast Lock but also a spell slinger. What will the rules be? Who knows! But I know I want it!

The link to the 360 veiw is at the top of this post but I couldnt resist taking afew snaps to show off this model a little more.

Dont know if you can tell but IM very pleased and excited about this one.
What do you think about it?


  1. This will make two 'beast warlocks for Thronefall then and one all-round warlock. Which seems strange for a Pact with only two warbeasts plus one coming. While Blindwater has two all-round warlocks and one infantry focused warlock but three warbeasts and one coming.

  2. Depends what his rules turn out to be.
    Says he is good with War Hogs but also magic.
    If its level between the 2 I can see him being quite balanced for force supprt


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