Wednesday 24 August 2011

Journeyman League in Todays PP Insider

Privateer Insider Blog has info on the upcoming Journeyman SLow Grow League today. Including the prize patches!
You can see the entire post >>HERE<< or below.

The wait is nearly over. The new Journeyman slow-grow league is almost upon us! This format is the perfect venue for new recruits to get their battlegroups on the battlefield and for seasoned veterans to try their hands at a new faction.

This league will take players from a battlegroup box set all the way up to a full 35-point army of their own design. As players earn ranks, they are also competing for three separate awards: Destroyer, Creator, and Journeyman. I think the Creator award is especially cool, as it is awarded for the player with the most Hobby points. What are Hobby points? You gain those by painting your new force!

Concerned that you want to start a faction that doesn’t have an official battlegroup box set? Don’t be! We’ve created battlegroup equivalents for every faction, including Mercenary contracts and Minion pacts. Whether you want to join the Blindwater Congregation or sign up for the Khador Empire, we’ve got you covered.

We’re so excited about this event that we’re going to be holding a staff Journeyman league. Community Coordinator Simon Berman will be posting all the details in upcoming Insiders.

Personally, I’ll be starting a Thornfall Alliance force. I already own everything currently released for the Blindwater Congregation, so I might as well go all in and complete my Minions collection. Week 1 begins with battlegroup games only, so I’ll be looking to make the most out of Lord Carver, his War Hog, and his two Gun Boars.

I’m really excited about switching casters later in the league, I can’t wait to play the new farrow warlock Sturm & Drang. It’s going to be awesome to figure out creative ways to get the most out of his spell list … both of them.

Anyway, look for upcoming Insiders to see who walks away a Journeyman, and who limps away crying.
Oh yeah, and here’s what the Journeyman prizes look like. Kind of snazzy don’t you think?

Thats looks like alot of fun. And Im VERY pleased they now have official Battlebox lists for all the Merc and Minion Contracts and Pacts.
The patches are very nice aswell. Im sure we wil be running this localy soon. 
My choice for it? Well, Im going to go for the sam as Will. Farrow!
And did anyone else spot that Sturm and Drang has TWO spell lists? Hmmmm

Hendybadger out

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