Friday 12 August 2011

The Minions 'Swamp Horror' Surfaces!!!!

Todays Privateer Press Insider Post from Will Hungerford has something stunning in it. The Blindwater Swamp Horror Heavy Warbeast. Check out the link or see below.

HORDES: Domination has me psyched about the new possibilities to expand my Blindwater Congregation force. What can I say, having been born and raised in Louisiana, I think flesh-eating gator monsters are cool. Especially flesh-eating gator monsters with a voodoo flair!
A few weeks ago, we previewed the art for Maelok the Dreadbound, the new Gatorman warlock. I really love all the options I now have in terms of warlock playstyles for my army. Now I’ve got Bloody Barnabas for brute force, Calaban, the Grave Walker for arcane trickery, and Maelok the Dreadbound for some vicious, VICIOUS, undead nastiness.
As excited as I am for the upcoming release of Maelok, I’m just as excited about the other new releases in HORDES: Domination. For those of you who made the trek to Lock & Load, you may have seen this unholy monstrosity being previewed near the tournament area. For those of you who missed Lock & Load this year, check it out!

This new heavy warbeast, the Swamp Horror, is an amazing addition to the Blindwater Congregation’s arsenal. I can’t wait to get it on the tabletop and watch my opponents cringe in terror as it rips through their lines. I don’t want to give away too much this early, so be sure to check out the Swamp Horror and all of the other awesome new hotness when HORDES: Domination releases this fall.

WOW! I want it! No, I want 2 of them! Atleast!
Really looking forward to Domination. I think my Minions will be very happy with it.

Hendybadger out


  1. Yummy... looks like I may end up throwing a coin after domination comes out, instead of just starting a legion army. The only thing that keeped me from considering minions in earnest was the lack of unit/warbeast variety.

  2. bugger.....hadn't seen this pic I REALLLLLY want me some gators.......


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