Thursday 25 August 2011

A Breast Cancer Brawl Help Appeal - Can You Help?

You might have noticed on here that my local club, North Cornwall Beasts and Bioncis, is hosting Cornwalls first Breats Cancer Brawl in October. (I have mentioned it once or twice)

This is going to be a 1 day 25pt Warmachine and Hordes tournament with lots of ways to cheat by donating money.
There is also going to be a 'Painting Pink' contest and auction. People can enter any PP models they like into the painting contest for the cance to win some very nice prizes.
All entries will then be auctioned off on the day or on a ebay chariy auction if they dont go.
Every penny raised from this event will br going to the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Mermaid cancer centre.
And I mean EVERY penny. The entry fees, cheat donations, auctioned models and anything else people donate on the day.

All the prizes for the event are being donated. The ones we have been offered so far are-
Steamroller Prize Kit - PP UK / Cerberus
Wrath Warmachine Coin Kit - NCBB
Grind Boxed game - PG hendybadger
Signed Copy of Wrath - Guts and Gears podcast
Several 'Pink' minis - players that cant make the day (more on those soon)

Dont want to stop there though.
Onto the topic of this post

We are calling out for any help we can get. We have some nice prizes so far but the more we have, the more money we can raise for such a great charity.
If you attend, run, own or even just know a club/store/website that would be willing to help out then please get in touch.
Or if you would like to do a Pink models for the auction yourself we would be very greatful.

To help out you can contact myself (Ian Henderson / PG hendybadger) on here,my email, the PP forums or the Warmachine South West Facebook page in the top right box >>>>
Or North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics on thier Facebook page (top right again>>>>) or thier email

Any and all help is appreciated. Even if its help spreading the world about this event.

Thank you in advance
Hendybadger out

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