Sunday 3 April 2011

Shattered Grounds: Thundercliff Peaks @ Mad for Miniatures / Mid Cornwall Gaming

Cornwall now has another Shattered Grounds venue! Yay!
Mad for Miniatures instore club Mid Cornwall Gaming Club will be running Thindercliff Peaks.

As usual the Shattered Grounds rules and info can be found at Privateer Press Events

Here is the summary of how it will work at MfM from Ego Ninja

Shattered Grounds: Thundercliff Peaks
(April 15th - May 14th)

To take into account the large number of new players taking part in this leg of the Shattered Grounds league we have made a few changes to the core Shattered grounds rules.

1. ALL games will be either Battlebox/Warpack OR 15 points.
2. ALL players will have 10 games over the course of the league, chosen at random.

Pre-league event

All players have unitl the last day of the league to make one item of scenery for the club.
On the final day of play all players will vote on the best item of scenery with the winner getting a £10 MfM voucher.

League finale

Our last day of play will be a battlebox tournament, held on Friday 13th May.

So far we have 11 players signed up!

Matt - Legion
Hannah - Menoth
Darren - Cryx
Lisa - Cryx
Rich - Khador
Claire - Menoth
Andrew P - Khador
Steve - Cygnar
Luke - Retribution of Scyrah
Ian - Talion Charter
Andrew B - Cygnar

Any Faction that doesnt have a Battlebox/Warpack will have 11pts that can be a Warlock/Warcaster and Warbeasts/Warjacks only

I will keep the results and reports of how the league is running updated here on the blog.

Bless your random number generator cubes!

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